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WHEN Paul Curry's "Power of Thought" was advertised, I, in common with half the card men in Britain began to think out methods. I got one which worked perfectly, and was disappointed when I learned from the original that my guess was wrong. Although the original is good I found my version had a few points which made it worth-while and I have used it continuously since then.

Preparation. One pack is thoroughly shuffled. Another pack of contrasting colour is stacked in REVERSE order to the shuffled pack. i.e. the first card of the one pack is the last card of the other and vice versa.

Working. Both packs are false shuffled and placed before the spectator who is given a perfectly free choice of either pack. He is asked to deal these cards face down one by one on to the table and to stop whenever he wishes. (To speed up the climax and also to assist in the follow-up it is better if you keep talking whilst he is dealing, and tell him he may stop whenever he wishes AFTER about twenty cards are dealt). When he wishes to do so he stops dealing and turns face up the top card of those he has dealt on the table, Temembers it, and then drops the cards remaining in his hand on top of those he has dealt thus burying his card (still face-up) in the centre of the pack. He then picks up his pack and waits for your next instructions.

You have another spectator come up, pick up the second pack and you ask them to deal cards in unison, each dealing cards face-up on to

NEXT time you are working with a Canasta pack—that is a pack containing two Jokers, try the following prediction. I think that you will be pleased with the result.

At a convenient moment, locate the two Jokers and place one at the top and one at the bottom of the pack, then having provided yourself with a pencil and scrap of paper on which to write the prediction, you are ready.

Simply write upon the paper the words: " THE JOKER," not " You will choose " — the reason for this will become apparent in a few moments. The paper is then folded and placed aside.

their own pile, card for card. Make this deliberate, and slow, but not slow enough to bore. Watch out for the face-up card in the first spectator's pile. When it is near the top, slow down the dealing and when it appears on top of the pack call " stop." Remark how the cards which have been dealt are all different, and yet how remarkable it would be if the card which the first spectator stopped at, was at the same position in the pack as its namesake in the other pack. Turn over the top card in spectator number two's pack, and show this is the case.

Everything is now ready for a repeat, although a little subtlety is needed. Have both spectators remove the two cards which are faceup on top of the two packets they hold (the cards which have been dealt on the table are also pushed aside meanwhile). This time the assistants reverse their respective roles. He that was last is now first. As before he deals cards on the table facedown and stops when he wishes, turns the card on top face-up and then drops the cards he holds on top of that. (If you were to attempt to finish the effect as in the first part you would meet with disaster. The reason for this is because, due to the first deal having reversed the cards, the packets instead of being in reverse order as at the beginning are in identical order). Tell spectator that it might be better if he could see what he was doing and have him turn his pile face-up. Once more the cards are dealt, this time A deals face-up and B face-down. This time when the face-up card is reached in B's pile its twin is already facing spectator on top of A's pile.

A spectator is then asked to cut the pack into three roughly equal heaps. This will result in one of the Jokers on top of one of the heaps, the second at the bottom of another, and a heap which contains no Jokers at all. This pile we will call the null.

The helper is then asked to freely choose any one of the heaps. If his choice lights on either of the " Joker " piles you are over the first fence; if however he picks on the " null" this is placed aside, and a second choice made from the two remaining piles, which is also placed aside, the surviving packet being used.

" The slogan, ' It is not the trick, but the man,'sounds conclusive, but it is not true; because though a beginner may fail with a good trick, an expert can never make a success of a poor one. The slogan should be, ' It is not the trick, or the man, but both.'." S. H. Sharpe — " Neo-Magic."

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