Precog Five


THIS is a prediction effect using two packs of cards and little else. It goes like this :—

The conjurer leafs through a pack of red-backed cards, and without allowing the audience to see its face, he removes one card, slips it into an envelope and hands it to a spectator for safe keeping.

A blue-backed pack is now taken and offered to another spectator for shuffling. When this has been done the performer requests the spectator to cut off about half of the pack and hand it to him, retaining the other half for his own use.

"In a moment or two", say the conjurer, "I want you to turn your cards face up, spread them across the table and pick out any card you wish. According to the name of the card you choose I v/ill deal off one card at a time from these cards (indicating the half handed to him) for each letter in the name of the card you have chosen.

The spectator now chooses any of the cards in front of him, and supposing that it is the ten of clubs, the performer in a most straightforward manner deals a card for each letter of the word, from the face down packet he holds, in this case: T.E.N OF C.L.U.B.S On reaching the last letter he places this card still face down to one side. He stresses the shuffling of the pack at the beginning and further the complete freedom of choice of the spectator's indicator card. To the spectator with the envelope containing the red-backed card, a request is made that for the first time he takes that card from the envelope and names it's value and suit. We'll suppose that it's the "seven of diamonds". The spectator is then asked to turn over the card lying face down on the table. It, too, is the seven of diamonds!

The Requirements:

1.—One red-backed pack of cards.

2.—One blue-backed pack of cards.

4.—The blue-backed pack contains a corner short which we'll suppose is the seven of diamonds.

Preparation. Envelope in inner breast pocket. Packs in the cases on the table. Previous to replacing the blue-backed pack in its case remove five cards and drop them into the right hand trousers pocket, faces nearest the body.

Presentation. Tell your audience that you wish to try an experiment and nothing more____sometimes it works, just depending on the people who are helping____pick up the case containing the red backed cards. Fan them in front of your face, and when you see the seven of diamonds, remove it and place it face down on the table. Replace the remainder of the red backed cards in their case and slip this into the right hand jacket pocket. Now remove the envelope from your inner breast pocket and without the audience being allowed to see its face slip the red backed seven of diamonds into the envelope and hand it to a spectator.

Ask another spectator to help you. Pick up the case containing the blue backed cards. Remove them from the case and place the case aside. Hand the cards to the spectator asking him to give them a very thorough shuffle. This he does, and you take the cards back from him. As you say that you wish him to help you still more, locate the short card and casually cut the pack at this point to bring the seven of diamonds to the top of the pack. With your request the spectator has stepped up to your table. Point out that he shuffled the cards, and now you want him to cut off about half the pack and hand it to you. As you are talking you have placed the cards on the table. The spectator does as you wish so that you now have approximately half the pack, and the short seven of diamonds on top. Ask the spectator to pick up the remaining cards. Go on to tell him, that in a moment or two, you wish him to turn his packet face up and spread the cards across the table then picking out any card at random, and according to the name of ¡that card you will spell off a card for each letter from the shufflled heap that he handed to you. "Supposing", says the performer "your choice fell on the two of clubs; I would count off a card at a- time like this". To illustrate, the per former counts off ten cards for the letters of the words, 'ten of clubs'. In counting he deals one card face down on top of the other, so at the end of the deal, the seven of hearts will be the tenth card from the top. The performer then picks up this heap of cards and casually drops it on top of the remainder. He then straightens the cards and asks the spectator to proceed.

The spectator turns over the cards in his packet, spreads the cards across the table top, and finally chooses one card, which we'll suppose is the eight of clubs. As he is making his choice the performer stands relaxed with his right hand in his right hand trousers pocket. Immediately the spectator has fixed on this card, he notes the number of letters forming the name. In this present case it is twelve. Now had it been a ten letter name he would have had to do nothing, but in this case two cards have to be added to the pack to bring it to twelfth position, therefore the conjurer separates two of the five cards in his pocket and positions them in his right hand palm. With the words 'Then your choice is the 8 of clubs.' the right hand comes out of the pocket, the left hand taking the pack from the table and passing it to the right hand, the fingers and thumb of the latter holding the packet by its narrow opposite ends, the two palmed cards still being maintained in that position. With his left hand, the performer gestures emphasising the points he made. "Remember you shuffled a pack of cards—you cut off some handing them to me, from the remain der you chose one card, any card, is that correct? Now sir, let's see whether the experiment has been successful". The cards are passed back to the left hand at this point and in the process the two extra cards palmed are added to the top of the pack so that the seven of diamonds now lies in twelfth position.

All that now remains is for the performer to count, in the most open way, to the twelfth card placing it aside while the envelope containing the red backed card is removed and shown. The blue backed card is then turned over to show that it matches!

Alternative handling. Instead of having a short card, have the seven of diamonds on top of the pack at the beginning, palming it off before, and adding it to the top of the pack after, shuffling.

Instead of adding cards at the end start counting until the tenth card is reached then use a second deal until necessary. The complete fairness of the count until the tenth card is reached, permits of use of elementary second dealing technique, if however, you are a good second dealer, deal second all the time. Then the card can stay at the top of the heap all the time, the demonstration necessary for bringing the card to the tenth position being avoided.

Alternatively to second dealing is any other type of false deal that will convincingly spell out the predicted card on the final letter of the chosen card.

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