Phase 3

It is necessary at this point to make a switch of the ring and shell—this is done thus : Place both ends of the rope in the left hand and, gripping the ring with the right hand, release one end of the rope. Slide the ring up the rope towards the left hand. Apparently slide the ring right off —actually as the ring passes behind the left hand (held with its back towards the spectators) grip the ring with the left third and fourth fingers and use the right thumb to lever up the shell and immediately lift the shell away from the left hand.

(Note—The slight pause required at the moment of switching exactly simulates the pause which would occur if the ring were really taken off—try it with the ring alone first; actually take it off the rope and you will observe that a slight pause is necessary while the left thumb changes its grip).

Draw the upper end of the rope up about twelve inches and let it fall over the back of the main part of the rope and your body and grip it firmly between the left first and second fingers. (For an idea of the position at this stage, see the Tarbell Course in Magic, Vol. 2, p. 345, Fig 6).

Place the shell between the left forefinger and thumb then cover it with the handkerchief. Apparently wrap the shell within the folds of the handkerchief — actually use the time honoured coin through handkerchief move (see Hoffman, Lang Neil, etc.) whereby the shell is really brought to the rear of the folded handkerchief. Press the handkerchief over the shell to confirm its presence then grip the handkerchief in the right hand over the shell and wave the handkerchief several times towards the rope.

During this movement squeeze the handkerchief with the finger tips and use the right thumb to pull the shell back into the right thumb palm. When the shell is secure make a final wave of the handkerchief and, under cover of this wave, let the loop of rope slip from off the left hand. The ring will appear on the rope and securely tied within a knot (as is the Tarbell Course in Magic, Vol. 2, p. 346, Figs. 8 and 9).

Toss the handkerchief in the air, catch it and drape it over the left shoulder, disposing of the shell in the breast pocket at the same time. Alternatively the handkerchief may be put into the pocket, the shell being disposed of within its folds.

NOTE : If desired the ring can be edge palmed in the thumb crotch so that the left hand can be held palm towards the spectators as in the original version. Due to the slippy surface of the ring the surest way to grip it is between the thumb on one side and the line of contact of the first and second fingers on the other.

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