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EFFECTS of coincidence, when straightforward and free from intricasies, are always effective. Trigon Two is no exception. Originated in 1943, many copy versions have seen the light of day. Though described as a playing card effect (the normal pack giving a great range of design) E.S.P. ' Letter' or patterned cards could be just as easily brought into play.

As the audience see it

The magician's table is set centre stage. On it in a line facing the audience stand three stemmed glasses. Beside the glasses lie two packs of cards, one red and one blue backed respectively. Seated right and left of the stage are two members of the audience.

The magician picks up the blue backed pack. He casually fans the cards so that the faces may be seen by the audience. A casual shuffle is given. To the assistant on the right he says:—

" I am going to deal cards one at a time from this pack face down upon the table. At any point in the deal I want you to say ' Stop!' " The action is carried out, and the card stopped at by the spectator, without its face being shown, is dropped back towards the audience into the .right-hand glass on the table. Saying that he wishes for another choice, the dealing is carried on until the assistant stops him again. This time the chosen card, without its face being seen, is dropped into the centre glass. A similar procedure is adopted for a third time and the chosen card goes back outwards into the left-hand glass.

At this point the remaining blue backed cards are placed aside and the red backed pack is picked up and handed to the assistant on the left. He is asked to mix them thoroughly. When this is done he is further requested to deal the cards face down upon the table stopping and placing aside a card whenever he wishes. This is done and the magician takes the card and without showing its face drops it back outward in front of the blue backed card in the right-hand glass. The assistant with the red pack is asked to repeat the procedure twice more, the cards placed aside being placed respectively in the centre and left-hand glasses.

The performer points out the fairness of the whole procedure, the matter of coincidence being strongly stressed. Taking the two cards from the right-hand glass he turns them round, separates them and shows their faces. They match! Needless to say the cards from the centre and left-hand glasses are also shown to be perfect pairs!

The Requirements

Although a certain amount of preparation is required, the effect is almost self-working. This allows the magician's capabilities as a showman to be exploited to the full.

The requirements are as follows:—

1. Two packs of blue backed cards.

2. One pack of red backed cards.

3. Three stemmed glasses each capable of accommodating playing cards. The glasses should not allow too much side-play.

A point regarding effects where different coloured packs are brought into play, not only have different colours but also different design.

To prepare for the effect, some roughing solution will be required.

The red backed pack is taken first and the face of every card is treated.

Twenty-six cards are now removed from one of the blue backed packs and back of each is roughened. When the solution on these cards has dried, each card is turned over and more roughing solution is applied this time to half the face.

Twenty-six cards of similar value and suit are now taken from the other blue backed pack. The backs of these cards are roughened over half their backs. When the solution has dried, the blue backed cards are paired, with the roughened halves in contact with each other. (See illustra-

roughing on the face, but completely roughened on the back. Thus if the two cards are held between finger and thumb at the roughened ends, both cards may be shown as one without any possibility of either caid slipping. Held at the other end, a slight rotary movement of thumb and finger in opposite directions will cause the cards to fan.

The blue backed pairs are now assembled to form a pack of fifty-two cards, care being taken during the assembly that the inside roughened parts all face the same way. The pack is ready for use.

The Set-up

Three stemmed glasses in a line on the table, the blue blacked and red backed cards adjacent.

The Presentation

The volunteer assistants are seated right and left respectively and the performer picks up the blue backed pack and overhand shuffles the cards in a casual manner. He mentions the matter of coincidence. During the shuffle, care must be taken so that there is no splitting of the pairs. The fact that the cards are only half roughened means greater care in this respect. The shuffle does allow the audience without any comment from the performer, to see that the cards are different. To stress this point still further, the cards are fanned faces to the audience just before the dealing is commenced.

The right-hand assistant is now told by the performer that the cards will be dealt face down on to the table, and that he, the assistant may stop the performer whenever he wishes. (At this point the performer should be certain that the thumb pushing off the cards from the pack will have the half roughened ends beneath it.)

The deal is now made, the cards coming away in pairs. When stopped by the assistant, the selected pair, as one card, is placed back outwards in the right-hand glass. The normal taking and placing of this pair means that the roughened ends are at the mouth end of the glass. The procedure is repeated with two more cards (?). The remainder of the blue backed cards are dropped on top of those already dealt upon the table, the whole heap, then being taken and dropped well out of harms way in the performer's pocket.

The red backed pack is then handed to the left-hand assistant who, after mixing the cards, is asked to deal them one at a time stopping whenever he wishes. The cards thus designated are placed respectively in front of the blue backed cards in the right-hand, centre and left-hand glasses, in every case without their faces being shown.

The red backed cards are taken from the assistant and added to those dealt. As with the blue backed cards, they are picked up and placed in a pocket.

All is now ready for a treble climax. The performer, with his left hand, removes all the cards from the right hand glass. The backs are still kept towards the audience and he makes certain that the cards are well aligned. The right hand approaches the left and takes hold of the cards at the non-roughened ends. The cards are turned round, the right-hand fingers making the necessary rotary motion so that the cards will fan showing two identical faces, for the roughened face of the red backed card adheres to the roughened back of the blue backed card. The cards at this point may be separated and shown back and front.

The same procedure is now repeated with the two remaining glasses.

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