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THAT wonderful effect of Tan Hock Chuan's " Porous Glass " must have been used by very many of our readers. The version we are about to describe is not merely an attempt to paint the lily but rather to get greater visual effect.

In this version the magician has at hand a straight sided glass, a red silk and a yellow silk (each eighteen inches square), a square of cellophane, some Scotch tape and an elastic band.

First of all the red silk is placed inside the glass and pushed down to the bottom. On top of it is placed the yellow silk and over the top of the glass is placed the square of cellophane which is kept in place by means of two lengths of Scotch tape plus the elastic band. (Incidentally to facilitate the placing of the cellophane in position the pieces of Scotch tape are attached to the sheet of cellophane before the show commences).

With the two silks tightly imprisoned the glass is shown on all sides. Holding the glass with the left hand the right hand touches the bottom of the glass and with a quick motion pulls the red silk through the bottom of the glass. The glass still containing the yellow silk is immediately thrown out for examination.

Let us say straight away that the principle employed in the original effect is used here. The only difference is in the dressing.

The reader will require a straight sided glass (it is not essential that it should be straight sided, but the latter type makes for easier and quicker handling), a red silk, a yellow silk, a strong elastic band, a square of cellophane which when placed over the mouth of the glass will give an overlap of an inch at the shortest point, a roll of Scotch tape, some strong black cotton, a needle and a spot of conjuror's wax.

Thread the needle with a length of cotton and pass the former through one corner of the red silk. Remove the needle and by tying the ends of the cotton ensure that you have a loop which when drawn taut measures in length about three inches (see illustration). On the knot place a small amount of conjurer's wax.

Across the square of cellophane fix two strips of Scotch tape at right angles, so that there will be about an inch and a half of tape protruding at each side. (See illustration). Turn the cellophane over in order that the ends of the Scotch tape will not stick to the table. With the silks, the glass, cellophane and elastic band at hand you are all set.

VOLUME SEVEN, No. SEVEN - 1/6. (20 Cents) - APRIL 1953

Take the red silk by the corner which has the cotton threaded through it. It will be found that in picking up the silk the length of cotton can be easily crushed and concealed. The silk is pushed inside the glass in a zig-zag manner—this is most important—and at this stage the cotton is released and allowed to hang behind the glass. (The additional weight of the wax stops any chance of the cotton popping up and falling inside the glass). The glass is now taken with the left hand, the thumb of which presses the blob of wax against the side of the glass, whilst the right hand takes the yellow silk and slightly folding it pushes it into the glass on top of the red silk. The glass can be freely shown and it is then replaced on the table. The square of cellophane is taken, turned over and placed over the mouth of the glass. Its position should be such that when it is pressed down on to the sides of the glass the piece of cotton should be in the centre of one side of the cellophane (see illustration), which means that only about an inch of cellophane covers the cotton at that point. The Scotch tape is pressed against the sides of the glass and finally the rubber band is taken and placed over the cellophane.

The performer points out how well the red silk is imprisoned, a piece of solid glass underneath it and another handkerchief and a sheet of cellophane above it. The left hand picks up the glass keeping the cotton and fingers to the rear. The first finger of the left hand disengages the wax from the glass so that the cotton hangs freely. The glass is then changed over to the right hand and during the process the right thumb and finger give the cotton a short pull, then grip it about an inch from the waxed knot. The left hand comes across, takes the glass at the side and then lifts it quickly. At the same time the right hand holding the cotton moves down bringing the red silk out of the glass down through the wedge of cellophane. The silk is then bunched concealing the cotton, whilst the glass, still sealed, is thrown or handed out for inspection and examination.

One point if you think it worthwhile. Both silks can carry a cotton loop and it can be left to the audience which silk shall go into the bottom of the glass. The remaining silk, when it is picked up, has the cotton loop rolled inside it in the action of placing it into the glass.


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