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THIS is one of the most effective close quarter prediction effects that we have seen. We have given it the title of " Chronokinesis " (time movement or travel) with the thought in mind that in posing as a time traveller, the mentalist can give a reason for his ability to forecast future events.

This is how the routine goes; to a person 011 your left you hand a sealed envelope. A spectator on your right is then handed a sheet of paper with the request that on it he writes something that he will choose and something which nobody else will know for the time being.

"To help you in your choice there are," remarks the mentalist, " three main divisions into which material things can be divided, Animal, Mineral and Vegetable, therefore will you please choose a representative from one of these groups and write its name on the sheet of paper. Remember sir, that before I started I placed an envelope in the safe keeping of our friend over there; in that envelope are three pieces of coloured paper, they have a definite bearing on what you have written. Just fold the paper so that nobody else can even glimpse the word."

The paper is taken by the mentalist and torn into pieces which are burned upon a small metal tray.

The envelope is then taken from the spectator on the left, opened and shown to contain three pieces of paper, red, white and blue respectively. " Strange as it may seem, whilst I was not certain on which group your choice would fall, I was certain which word you would choose in each group. Which group was it?" The spectator replies to the effect that it was in the " vegetable group," thereupon the mentalist remarks, "Blue for animal, red for mineral, white for vegetable," and at the same time hands the white slip of pap-r to the spectator who previously held the envelope.

with a request that he opens it noting what is written. The spectator on the right is now for the first time asked to tell the audience the word he wrote upon the paper. He answers, " Tree." The spectator on the left is asked to read aloud the word on the mentalist's slip, and straightaway comes the answer " Tree !"

The requirements are few and are as follows : Four pieces of coloured paper measuring 4 inches square. Supposing that you have blue, red and white you will require one piece of blue, one piece of red and two pieces of whits. A pencil. Box of matches. A metal ash-tray. Business size envelope.

Fold the pieces of paper once each way (in the usual manner preparatory to the business of " centre stealing ") and your preparation is started. From the folded pieces of white, red and blue paper make a normal centre tear; retain this piece but throw the surround away. One piece of white paper is left untouched. A small drop of glue or wax is placed on the side of the torn white piece and this is fixed to the inside of the envelope, the red and blue pieces then being dropped inside as well. Thus you have two loose pieces and one fixed piece of paper. The flap of the envelope is now sealed down.

To present, first of all hand the envelope to a member of the audience on your left pointing out that the contents will have a direct bearing on something that will take place a little later. Now take the piece of white paper and hand it together with a pencil to a member of the audience on your right. Ask that person to think of the three main groups, Mineral, Animal and "Vegetable and then to think of one subject in one of those divisions. When he has done so ask him to print the word on the paper, fold it and hand it to you. The paper is then torn up in the usual way, the centre being retained in the left hand which goes

to the left hand pocket to take out a box of matches, the centre slip being left behind. The box of matches is withdrawn and the right hand removes a match, strikes it and sets fire to the pieces of paper on the tray.

The spectator holding the envelope is now requested to tear open the top and look inside. He does this and you ask him what he sees. His reply is naturally " Three pieces of paper, one red, one white and one blue." At this point the matchbox should be in the right hand, and it is passed once more to the left and the box is returned to the pocket where the slip of paper is taken in a finger palm position. Tell yipur audience that actually the envelope contains three predictions, one for each of the three divisions for strange as they may find it, it is easier to predict the actual word in each group rather than predict the group itself.

You now ask the spectator which group he chose. When he replies, and we will suppose that he chose the vegetable group, remark that you wrote a word in the animal group on the red paper, mineral group on the blue paper and vegetable group on the white. In other words whichever his group is, it is always and must be the white paper. Take the envelope with the right hand from the spectator on the left and apparently allow all three papers to fall on to the left hand palm (actually the red and blue fall to join the white piece already there). Place the envelope out of reach and spread the pieces of paper on the table in front of you. As though you have forgotten it, ask the spectator on the right to name the group and then taking the white piece of paper and hand it to the spectator who previously held the envelope. "And now, sir (this to the spectator who wrote the word) will you tell the audience the actual word that you chose in that group?" The spectator answers, " Tree." " Please (this to the spectator with the piece of paper) unfold the paper and tell the audience what I have written." The spectator does so, reading out the word " Tree." Climax!

When Jack passed on his notes for this effect we did think of one addition and that was that on the red slip of paper a word which could be both animal and vegetable could be written whilst on the blue slip a word representing equally mineral and animal could be written. Without thinking a lot about the choice of words let us suppose that on the red slip you have tht word, " Grub " and on the blue, the word " Derrick." The finish of the trick when the pieces are spread on the table would go like this :

The red slip is picked up and passed to the spectator for reading. The performer remarks, " Had you thought of something in the animal group it would have been 'Grub'." The spectator checks.

The blue piece is now handed out. " If you had thought of something in the mineral group, it would have been a form of crane, in fact a 'Derrick'." The spectator checks.

"But sir, you thought of something in the vegetable group, and that word should correspond with the word on this piece of paper."

If the chosen word was in the mineral group then the red paper remains vegetable whilst the blue becomes animal, the performer adding that the chooser would have thought of a person named " Derrick."

Lastly if the animal group is chosen the red paper is used to designate vegetable and the blue mineral.

" I saw a Chicago performer recently open his routine with a positive miracle. He performed for an hour afterwards but none of his other tricks amazed me, for his opening trick was so* good; he could go nowhere but backward from that point." Leith Loder—" Just Routine Stuff'

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