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Where Houdini Was Wrong by MAURICE SARDINA (Translated by VICTOR FARELLI)

This great work is undoubtedly the most im portant contribution to magical literature in the last half-century. It is one that no magician should miss.

Houdini, the great showman, the idol of magicians throughout the world, is condemned in the most damning indictment that could ever be published. It is not his showmanship that is condemned, for that is without question, but his integrity. We can do no better than to quote the author's own words :

" There is the piece . . . vehement, bombastic and moralistic. It is worthy of Houdini, who, having accumulated a number of unfounded accusations against Robert-Houdin, twisted the sense of documents and texts to suit his own needs, pretended that Robert-Houdin had made certain claims that he had not (in order easily to refute these alleged claims), made use of a falsified document—assuming that he had not actually falsified it himself—insults the Master for the last time, and covers him with unspeakable abuse ! And in what a tone ! He then dons the cloak of a moralist, professes the purity of his intentions, distributes blame and praise, proclaims to have given credit where it belongs, distributes his blessings, and lays the results of his researches before the only true jury, the great reading public, whom he has deceived, misled and mocked in a book of over three hundred pages ! "

Why did Houdini first proclaim Robert-Houdin as his idol—even to the extent of purloining his name ? Why did he later attack the Master with such venom ? Who falsified the document to " prove " his case ? Who brought the art of conjuring out of the gutter and fair ground and made it a form of entertainment patronised by the most elite in the land ?

Here you will find the whole fascinating 9tory unfolded in a beautifully written book that is so absorbing that, once started, you will be unable to put down until you have finished.

The book itself contains over 120 pages of art paper, many reproductions of old posters, engravings and photographs and is bound in heavy blue cloth covers, stamped on front and spine in gold, and protected with an arresting dust jacket.

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