This effect which is ideally suited to drawing room or similar conditions incorporates two unusual features. One is the use of a duplicate solid ring and the other is a novel means of attaching one ring and shell to a borrowed handkerchief. This latter sublety permits of particularly clean handling of the properties used. Effect:

While a rod and ring are being examined a handkerchief is borrowed and displayed in such a way as to make it obvious that nothing is concealed in either hand. The handkerchief is draped over the rod which is held in a simple stand. On receiving back the ring the performer places it under the handkerchief then pushes the latter aside to show the ring upon the rod.

The ring is slid off the rod which is returned to the stand, still with the handkerchief upon it. Again the ring is placed under the cloth then the handkerchief is pulled away to show the ring spinning upon the rod. If desired everything can again be examined while the handkerchief is folded and returned to its owner. Requirements:

The Ellis ring and shell together with a duplicate solid ring—these should be in the left coat or trouser pocket. A rod of any suitable material measuring approximately half an inch in diameter by 24 inches in length. A simple display stand for the rod—the type consisting of a plain base with two uprights as illustrated in Fig. 25 is recommended. Method:

Remove the two rings and shell from the pocket with the left hand having manoeuvred one ring with the shell on top of it into the fingerpalm position. With the other ring at the fingertips take the rod in the right hand and request the loan of a gentleman's pocket handkerchief. When one is offered, give the lender the rod to examine and take the handkerchief by one corner in the right hand. Transfer the handkerchief to the left hand and, taking the ring in the right hand, offer it to another spectator for examination. Jokingly remark that since your property is being examined it might be as well to have a closer look at the hankerchief!

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