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This beautifully produced giant-sized manual (8^ by 11 inches) contains twenty of the most cherished effects from Magic's most fertile brain. Not only is the author renowned for his originality, but also for his performing ability, as evidenced by the fact that he won the British Ring, I.B.M. Shield with one of the most outstanding acts that has ever been presented in this competition. If proof were needed of the PRACTICABILITY and ENTERTAINMENT VALUE of the effects originated by Peter Warlock, this is it!

This book deals with five distinct types of mental effects; demonstrating: Coincidence, Prediction, Mental Telepathy, Spirit Slate Writing, Extra Sensory Perception and Movement of Objects. TRIGON TWO is one of the most beautiful Coincidence effects ever conceived: The performer deals a pack of blue backed cards and stops three times when requested by a spectator, and each time places the card stopped at back out into a stemmed goblet. Another spectator now takes a pack of red backed cards, shuffles them and himself deals them on to the table, stopping three times and placing a card aside each time, whenever he likes. These cards are placed back out in the three glasses, in front of the other cards. Each pair of cards are removed, in turn, from the glasses, and are shown in each case to be an identical pair. Coincidence indeed!

In 30th CENTURY PROPHECY the author is certainly ten centuries ahead of his time in what is conceded to be the most direct triple prediction one could wish for. A spectator signs his name across the back of a card, the performer writes three predictions on the other side, and the card


is placed in an unsealed envelope and rested against a glass in full view. Three spectators choose a colour, four-figure number and any city in the world, and these are noted down on another card. The spectator who signed his name removes the card from the envelope and checks his signature and turns over the card, Meanwhile the performer reads from his card the thoughts he has noted down, and each time the spectator confirms that the prediction is correct. It's as direct as that, and there are no stooges, carbon impressions or such-like methods.

PIN POINTED SLATES gives an unusual effect in that three slates are plainly shown to be blank on all six sides, yet upon a word being chosen under very fair conditions, it appears as one of a series of four separate messages upon the surfaces of the slates, building up from an apparent mistake to the final climax which ensures applause. Under the heading 'Movement' is a most unusual CARD RISING effect, that will be of interest to conjurers as well as mentalists, and might be said to be worth more than the price of the book on its own. A borrowed pack of cards and borrowed glass may be used. Three cards are freely chosen and signed (no force of any sort), replaced in the pack and the pack is placed in the glass, which is rested upon the seat of a chair well away from the performer. In spite of these impossible conditions the three cards rise one at a time, and the last card can be made to jump out of the glass. There is no switch of pack or glass, and no cards are added or taken away from the borrowed pack. These are but four of the twenty fine effects in this great book—space prevents us from describing them all.

Illustrated with Drawings by George Hill and Peter Warlock. Finely printed in the usual Armstrong manner and bound in strong Antelope finish boards. PRICE 15/- : POSTAGE 6d. ($2.50).

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Psychic Apparatus



THE effect is the discovery of two mentally chosen cards.

Routine. Ask for the assistance of two spectators. We will designate them Mr. A and Mr. B. Hand A a complete deck of 52 cards and ask him to shuffle them and then remove about a third of the deck, handing you the remaining two-thirds. Spectator A now splits his third into two unequal parts and hands one of the packets to B. Instruct both A and B to count the cards in their packets. While this is being done turn away so that it will not be thought you are trying to glimpse the number of cards held by your assistants. When both A and B are aware of the number of cards they hold turn and face them, and explain that you want each to select a card in a manner that will preclude your having any knowledge of the selections. This you will achieve by using the secret number each is thinking of. Ask A to watch the cards as you deal them face upwards on to the table. When you deal the card at the position that corresponds with his secret number he is to remember this card as his selection but make no sign that he has in fact made a selection, he must allow you to carry on dealing. To give an example, spectator A counts his packet, he has eight cards. So, he would note and remember the eighth card you deal down.

When dealing the cards face upwards on to the table for A to make his selection deal exactly twenty*slx cards, then stop. Make some remark about being sure he has made a selection by now, pick up the twenty-six cards, turn them face down and place them below the cards you are still holding. You may if you wish false shuffle the deck at this point.

Turn to face spectator B and give him the same instructions that were given to A. Again deal until you reach twenty-six, stop, pick up the dealt cards, turn them face downwards and place them below the cards you are holding.

Have spectator A replace his small packet of cards on top of the deck. Square up the deck, crimp the bottom card. Hold out your right hand and receive spectator B's small packet of cards. Replace these cards below the deck held in the left hand, square up deck and again crimp the bottom card. Hand the deck to spectator A and have him cut the cards a few times. Take back the deck and ribbon spread it across the table, making sure you can see the two crimped cards.

To locate the two selected cards, first locate the crimped cards. Start counting to the left at the first card past the left hand crimped card, turn up the twenty-sixth card and it will be spectator B's card.

Next count the cards between the two crimped cards, this is your key number. Starting with the first card past the right hand crimped card and moving to the right, count to your key number, then turn up the next card which will be spectator A's card .

The above is the basic routine for the selection and location of the chosen cards. The presentation, which is most important with this type of effect, must be left to the individual.

Note : After the spectator has cut the deck and before ribbon spreading it, note the position of the two key cards. If these are close together carry on as explained above, however, if the keys have a large number of cards between them, cut the deck once yourself. This will put the cards in correct order.

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