It is a simple matter whichever arrangement you care to use, and well worth practising. I present it in the following way:'—

"Ladies and gentlemen, a feat of memory with a pack of cards. I'll shuffle them. (False shuffle and false cut).

" I will glance through the pack and attempt to memorise the fifty-two cards. We'll take the first thirteen cards. I'll look at them and you may look at them. And you sir, I would like you to see them. (Run them before the eyes of a spectator). And now sir, as you have memorised those, I'll place them into this pocket. You have an easy task to memorise thirteen, but I must memorise fifty-two. The second thirteen is a little harder for me, but it will be easy for you madam." (Show the second thirteen to a lady, then place them in your pocket. Repeat on the same lines with the third and fourth packets and then carry out the effect, but don't prolong it!)


EVEN in the days of Robert-Houdin "The Boomerang Card" was popular and exhibitions were given in which a card was thrown into the air, returning to the performer who caught it in his hand, in the pack, or cut it with a pair of scissors.

The late Tom Fagan made a speciality of this, catching the card in the pack in between two other cards, the names of which had been called out by the audience. He taught this to me in 1922, when he had just begun to perform it, but as no two performers should use the same thing in the same way. I have handled it in a different manner.


Hold a card by the middle of the short/end, between the thumb and second fingers of the right hand, the index finger resting on the corner as shown in Figure 8.

Draw back the wrist towards the body and then extend the arm sharply at an upward angle of about 45 degrees and release the card, throwing it a yard or two. However, as the card leaves the hand it is necessary to give it a spinning motion with a backward jerk of the hand and a "return" movement, similar to that which one gives to a child's hoop. If this is done, when the card reaches the end of its course, its inclining plane revolving on its own axis in the air, will cause it to return to its starting point, where it can be caught.


The first method is quite open. The pack is shuffled and two cards are selected. Allow the assistants to have the pack in their possession when making their selection. The cards are replaced and brought to the top and the pack is again shuffled, the two cards being retained on the top. Another assistant is asked to make a selection and to retain bis card. The two selected cards, resting on the top of the pack, are brought to the centre by the pass. They are divided, the bottom portion of the pack, with one selected card on top, being gripped by the fork of the thumb and the second finger; the top portion, with the other selected card on the bottom, being held by the fork of the thumb and the tip of the thumb, so that the pack may be opened like a book. See Figure 9.

The third selected card is taken in the right hand and thrown into the air by the "Boomerang Throw." As it returns it is an easy matter to catch it in the book-like pack. The pack is immediately allowed to close and the rest of the experiment follows naturally. Turn the pack over and the three selected cards are found together, the "Boomerang Card" being between the other two:-

"Ladies and gentlemen, the ace of spades is somewhere in the pack, resting between two cards, although I have no knowledge of the selected cards. The ace is between the nine of diamonds and the six of clubs. Are they the cards you selected? They are, thank you!"

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