THIS EFFECT is for those who like visual magic. The plot is very simple indeed and whilst primarily designed for silent presentation the addition of speech will not detract.

The audience see the performer holding two lengths of silk ribbon. One piece is green and the other yellow. Right at his finger tips he rolls them together leaving himself with a tightly rolled bundle of silk ribbons. A wine glass is picked up and the bundle dropped inside. A puff of smoke towards the glass and the ribbon is now withdrawn but instead of two pieces, the performer holds a length of ribbon parti-coloured green and yellow!

I am going to explain two methods of accomplishing the effect. When I say two methods, I had better qualify such a statement for actually the variation in the descriptions only applies to the final phase of the trick.

The first version is intended for those who make use of a table containing a well. Many will rise up in indignation at the thought that any modern magician should resort to such a device, but I have never had any doubts that this aid subtly used can be of the greatest benefit to a magician who takes the trouble to design a table incorporating one or more wells. One has only to think of the ingenuity displayed by His Honour Judge Wethered in this direction. The Judge's tables look like every-day objects quite free from any kind of chicanery. Nevertheless adjustable wells are at his command. (For a full description of this type of table, the reader is recommended to read Seeing is Believing by Trevor Hall, or The Magic Circular Volume 29, page 53 and The Magic Circular Volume 33, page 93.)

Leaving out any detailed explanation regarding the well and assuming that the reader has such means at hand, let us detail the requirements.

1. Two lengths of one inch green silk ribbon each measuring 30 inches in length.

2. Two similar sized pieces of yellow ribbon.

3. A plastic knitting needle 3/16 inch in diameter.

4. Some Balsa cement, paper, etc.

5. A stemmed glass.


First of all one length of green and one length of yellow ribbon are cut into two equal sized pieces, and then using some of the balsa cement these four pieces are joined by their edges to produce one parti-coloured piece measuring almost sixty inches in length like Figure 1.


Next a length measuring two and a half inches is cut off from the knitting needle and around one end, the remaining length of green ribbon is fixed with either the balsa cement or some seccotine. It should look like this Figure 2.

A small paper tube is now made to slip over the free end of the knitting needle piece. It should consist of more than one thickness so that when complete it is rigid and will not easily fold. Figure 3.

A length of thin tin (of the kind used for making tobacco tins airtight) is next required. You will want a piece measuring 3 inches by £ of an inch. This is then placed a shade over three inches from one end of the green ribbon, the free end then being overlapped and sewn into place so that the tin is covered. (Figure 4.)

With a similar sized piece of tin, the same process is carried out at the end of the parti


coloured ribbon. The result of this will be seen when each piece of ribbon is wound into a tight roll, for the final bending over of the metal strip within the silk will prevent any unrolling.

Three inches is now cut away from the length of yellow ribbon.

The piece of parti-coloured ribbon is then taken and the free end (i.e., the end without the metal strip) is stuck to \he paper tube. The reader should now have the component parts' of the gimmick and these should look like Figure 5.

fifr. 6

To prepare for the actual presentation of the effect, the length of parti-coloured ribbon is rolled around the paper tube and slipped on to the piece of knitting needle, the length of green ribbon trailing from its fixed point. If the performer intends using this as an opening trick he can come on the platform holding the green ribbon and the yellow. If however it is to be used during some other part of the programme, the ribbons and gimmick can be laid on the table in such a manner that the roll of parti-coloured silk is hidden. Assuming that the trick is used as an opening effect the conjurer holds the gimmick and trailing green silk between thumb and first finger in his left hand as shown in Figure 6, so that the gimmicked portion is well concealed.

The length of yellow ribbon can also trail from the left hand, the end being clipped between the second and first fingers of the left hand. The glass should be placed left of the well. The table should also be left of the performer. Presentation.

With the right hand shown to be empty, the yellow ribbon is taken from the left hand fingers and displayed at the finger tips. The holding of the yellow ribbon must conform to the holding of the gimmick and the attached green ribbon in the left hand. The right hand moves across and brings the yellow ribbon behind the trailing green, so that the letter covers it. At the same time, the top part of the yellow ribbon is turned down so that the yellow ribbon is shortened by about two inches. Grip the yellow ribbon against the green with the thumb and fingers of both hands as shown in Figure 7.

Commence to wind the ribbons into a roll. When you reach the ends, the piece of concealed tin prevents any un-rolling and the right hand moves away leaving the roll of green and yellow silk held by the tips of the left hand first finger and thumb, as shown in Figure 8.

You are facing full front at this point and carefully showing the right hand to be empty you then turn slightly left. As the arms accord with this movement, the roll of silk ribbon should be end on to the audience and at this point the right hand comes in and takes the ribbons and gimmick so that the roll of green and yellow silk ribbons are covered by the fingers whilst the part-coloured roll for the first time is exposed. The left hand is shown empty, and then with one follow through action, the right hand passes back what appears to be the roll of green and yellow ribbon to the left hand. Then reaching down on to the table for the wineglass, pick it up and drop the particoloured ribbon inside. Actually as the left hand takes the roll of parti-coloured ribbon, the right hand moves away carrying with it the rolled up green and yellow silk ribbons on the piece of knitting needle. They are easily finger-palmed and as the hand moves down to the table, the gimmick is ditched in the action of taking the glass.

All that remains is for you to bring the effect to a dainty finish.

Should the reader not decide to use a well, it is obvious that if the effect is to be brought to a proper conclusion, (i.e., the hands empty apart from the glass and its contents) that an alternative method of ditching the green and yellow ribbons must be sought. I would therefore suggest that the performer's outside breast pocket be used. In order that the process shall be easy a length of whalebone should be stitched inside at the top so that a large and permanent opening is formed. To disguise this opening a small piece of white cambric is sewn at the edge to simulate a handkerchief in the pocket. With this carried out and the point in the trick arrives where the parti-coloured roll has been passed to the left hand by the right, the latter with the gimmick finger-palmed gives the left sleeve a little tug to emphasise the fact that nothing apart from the roll of silk ribbon is held by the left hand. This tug is made at such a point that when the hand pulls back, the gimmick is positioned immediately above the breast pocket and at this moment it is released and allowed to fall inside.

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