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As you have no doubt guessed, this is another glass penetration. The visible apparatus consists of (i) a tray to which are fastened two upright pillars : these support between them a sheet of glass ; (2) four cubes ; (3) two screens just large enough to cover the cubes when stacked.

The performer first displays the cubes and the sheet of glass, demonstrates their solidity and stacks the four cubes behind the pane. The cubes are covered with one of the screens (Fig. 1) and the second screen is placed in front of the glass. When the screens are removed, one of the blocks stands in front of the pane, having apparently passed through it. This is repeated until all four cubes stand in front of the pane. This may sound rather dull but the effect is clean-cut and easy to follow, while the apparatus is sufficiently imposing to command attention. For ordinary concert work I suggest three-and-a-half-inch cubes, a tray thirteen inches square and a pane of glass'fifteen inches high by eleven inches in width.

The main deception lies in two collapsible cubes, one on either side of the glass, and about an inch away from it. They can be folded up concertina fashion, flush with the top of the tray, but are normally held erect by spiral springs within. The sides are made of coloured cloth, and the solid cubes, of which there are three, are covered with the same kind of material. The collapsible cubes are so arranged that when one is expanded the other is flat, and vice-versa. This is shown in Fig. 2, which is a side section of the tray. The tray is made from two layers of plywood. In the upper layer square holes are cut to accommodate the dummy cubes, but the lower sheet is untouched except for two holes just large enough to enable stout threads to pass freely through them. These threads connect the tops of the cubes with the lever which controls

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