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NEW PENTAGRAM GRADING.—A maximum award of Ten Points in the following categories (zchen applicable) :— {A)—Physical Make-up (B)—Quality of Material (C)— Value to Magic (D)—Clarity (E)—Illustrations (F)—Readibility (G)—Sincerity TOTAL 70 POINTS

♦'MAINLY MENTAL," (Volume One: "Billet Reading ") by C. L. Boarde (published by the author) price ten dollars.

This book, of some one hundred closely printed pages, is, to date, the most comprehensive treatise on this particular phase of the mentalists' art. In his introduction Mr. Boarde emphasises two points : the first is that he does not claim complete originality for the contents ; the second that the material described has been, and is, of extreme practical use.

The book is divided into five sections. The first deals with the " Steal " of the billet and in all more than twenty methods are covered whereby the mentalist is enabled to obtain knowledge of what has been written by a spectator on a billet. All of these methods are billet steals in the real sense. There is no confusion in this section, i.e., the author does not introduce ' impression ' technique. The explanations are well detailed and illustrated with numerous drawings. The " Improved Torn Centre " described here is exceptionally good.

Section two is called the " Read " and here the author is at pains to impress certain points upon the reader. The first is that the mentalist, having obtained possession of a spectator's billet, must avoid all noise in opening the said billet should he desire to read the contents surreptitiously. This aspect has not been stressed very often, but, as Mr. Boarde points out, it is most important when close quarter work is involved. The second point is that the reading should conform to the situation, whilst the third is misdirection during reading ; his case of Bert Reese and his cigar being a perfect example.

The third section is entitled the " Spiel," and the author gives some very definite advice on first of all analysing the spectator and then the spectator's question. Next the matter of delivery is taken and a number of psychological points are discussed. The remainder of this section is taken up with suggested answers to questions.

In the fourth section, Mr. Boarde deals wnth sub-siduary techniques. These twenty-five pages carry some of the most interesting and informative material in the whole book. For the first time (to this reviewer at any rate) the matter of nail writing is given a certain amount of studied thought, and the reader is shown the right way to get certain and non-spidery results with a nail writer. This is something that most of us learn the hard way. Another often talked about, but little written about, subject is also analysed : that is pencil reading. Mr. Boarde makes no pretence that one can become a good pencil reader in five minutes, but his charts and suggestions should help the conscientious student to achieve success in the shortest possible amount of time.

The fifth and last section deals with effects, all of which are based on the techniques explained. Altogether the twenty-eight variations are given on the following themes : " Question and Answer," " Living and Dead," " One Ahead," " Dead Name Duplication," " Psycho-metrv," " Telephone Tests," " Projection," and " Predictions."

This book is limited to 275 copies. It is bound with stiff cardboard covers and has an erinoid binding that makes for a flat reading surface. It is an outstanding work in the mentalistic field written with great sincerity and knowledge. We anticipate the undoubted pleasure that will be ours in reading " Volume Two."

With this edition comes a separately printed supplement that adds certain subtleties and effects to the main work.

The book cannot be obtained through dealers, but those readers of the " Pentagram " wishing to avail themselves of this book, should contact Mr. C. L. Boarde at 1012, 190th Street, Jamaica, New York, U.S.A.

66 points. Unreservedly recommended.

"THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF SILK MAGIC" (Volume 1) by Harold R. Rice (published by Silk King Studios, Ardmore, Pa., U.S.A.) price ten dollars.

This is the first volume of four dealing with silk conjuring. It comprises ten chapters which deal respectively with :—(1) The Romantic Story of Silk, 14 pages ; (2) Dyeing your own Silks, 18 pages ; (3) Methods of Folding Silks, 24 pages ; (4) Non-apparatus methods of Producing a Single Silk, 33 pages ; (5) Apparatus methods of producing a Single Silk, 59 pages ; (6) Non-apparatus quantity productions, 36 pages ; (7) Apparatus quantity productions, 108 pages ; (8) Vanishes, 72 pages ; (9) Changes, 38 pages ; and, lastly, (10) Transpositions, 121 pages. When the reader is told that every effect is in bare-bone but extremely lucid form he can realise the quantity of material exceptionally well illustrated that is contained in this one volume ; we are assured by the compiler, and we certainly have no reason for doubt, that there are over 350 effects and some 1,800 illustrations !

The first chapter of the book, dealing with the Romance of Silk, is of singular interest, for Mr. RiCe gives quite a lot of information that, so far as we know, has never been published within a magical text book. Texture and weight of silk are discussed, and whilst in this land of delightful austerity such things can mean very much to the English magician at the moment, no doubt those who tread in our steps will find the information exceedingly helpful when it comes to the choosing and buying of silks.

Looking through all the chapters there seems little, if anything, that has escaped Mr. Rice's silk-.minded eye. The titles of the chapters speaking for themselves, the most we could do would be to find fault with some of the methods; to take the tares from the wheat, however, would spoil the object' of the book. Nevertheless we marvel at the ingenuity of the mind that will seek to make the most complicated contraption to produce the most compressible production goods in the realm of conjuring, and wonder why such people waste their time on magic instead of using it in the proper sphere of pure puzzle-making.

The make-up of the book is of singular interest. Mr. Francis B. Martineau who has previously been associated with Mr. Rice has not only drawn the many hundreds of first-rate illustrations, but he has hand printed every zvord of text, the whole of these drawings then being reproduced by off-set process. Another novelty is the method of quick location of a section or item. It is based on the old cine book method. In this case the top left and right hand corners of those respective pages carry a black and white titling extending to the edge of the page. I find it effective. No doubt many of the more conservative minds will find it equally distractive and irritating. Throughout the book Mr. Rice has been careful to give credit where it is due, and we know from our contact with him the trouble he has gone to in keeping faith with those who have contributed in any form. He pays a particular tribute to our own Eric C. Lewis.

The book is strongly bound in a blue fabric covering, stamped with heavy silver lettering. We consider that from the point of information on the silk effects specified it is outstanding.

65 points. Unreservedly recommended.

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She Magic-Qa-iRaund

On Thursday, the 2nd September, Mrs. Douglas Craggs, after a long and painful illness, was called to rest. On behalf of ourselves and our readers we should like to take this opportunity of extending to Douglas the deepest expression of sympathy in this his most troubled hour.

We must first of all apologise for the lateness of the July and August issues. Our printer ran into a spot of bother with staff illness and machine trouble. We sincerely hope that this present issue will reach you on the due publication date.

In this, the last number of Volume 2, we have given three effects suitable for opening. All have been well tested. Each has quite a lot to show despite the fact that there is no apparatus in the accepted sense of the word.

Most of the Bill for the British Ring Show is now to hand and includes Horace King and Betty, Deveen, Marius and Mariette, Sylvestre, Raoul, Ren. Clark and George Smallwood.

Subscriptions for Volume 3 are now due, and we take pleasure in the fact that we shall, through a very generous gesture of Mr. C. L. Boarde, be able to offer a very generous bonus to the first hundred subscriptions received. This bonus takes the form of Mr. Boarde's most excellent routine '' The Borrowed Brain," a routine that is printed and illustrated and selling currently for ten shillings. We feel sure that those readers who receive a copy will like to thank Mr. Boarde direct. His address is 8012, 190th Street, Jamaica, New York, U.S.A. I will quote from his letter : '' They come to you as a gift without obligation in any form or manner. There is but one qualification, which is that they may not be sold but must be given away in a manner you think best for you and the ' Pentagram.' " Some time back, readers may remember, we made mention of this routine, which is exceptional for close-quarter work. We certainly prize our own copy. Those qualifying for this very nice gift, will receive it with the first number of the third volume. May we add that for fairness' sake that if any reader has a renewal subscription due later than the first number, i.e., his renewal falls due at number Three, etc., he will be eligible providing he sends the necessary remittance.

Our good friend Goodliffe tries hard. Not content with attempting to re-map the world ot conjuring, we nolice that he has now created a new London suburb in the North West district . . . " Cullindale."

Congratulations are the order of the day for the English competitors at the International Congress. The Grand Prix to Willane, Pauline Baird second in the manipulation class, and Burtini winning the first prize in the invention class.

On another page will be found an announcement regarding the dissolution of partnership of Hughes, • Dowler and Stanley. This is quite an amicable dissolution, Arthur Dowler being busy with professional work, Jack Hughes back in his old workshop and Harry Stanley assuming sole responsibility for the new Unique. Needless to say, Jack Hughes's effects will still be available at the studio.

Scandinavian readers may be interested to know that the " Modes for Mentalists " Series are now being published in Danish by my friend, Mr. Steffensen. The title of this series is " Mentale Metoder," and the first is entitled " Taenk som jeg taenker." It is a six-page publication with a semi-stiff cover.

We are pleased to welcome A1 Koran to our list of contributors. A very nice effect of his will appear in our October issue.

Many have been the enquiries that we have had regarding the Society for Mentalists. As we mentioned in a previous number a Rules Committee was appointed at the inaugural meeting, and it was hoped that when they met at a later date rules would be drawn up for consideration by the Committee. There were, however, difficulties arising out of a very important point regarding the eligibility of membership, and as that could not be immediately settled the matter is being held over until the end of September.

With the publication of our friend Francis Haxton's article on Charles T. Jordan, we seem to have fanned a dying spark into a small flame. Browsing through volume 21 of the Sphinx (on page 257 to be exact) we found a group photograph that included Dorny, Ribert Stull and Charles T. Jordan. An article accompanied the picture and we read as follows : " Then came Stull, Dornfield, Mueller and Jordan each performing their pet tricks." This party, incidentally, was not so far from Penn Grove.

As this is the end of another volume we should like to give public thanks to all those who have helped in any way. To contributors particularly, for their's is the life-blood which makes this broadsheet possible ; then to the dealers, advertisers, readers and reviewers. Lastly, our Printer, who has, often times under great handicaps, done a very good job of work.

Finally, looking back through an even older copy of the Sphinx than the one previously mentioned, we should like to quote George Shulte : " Somewhere it is written in a book that magicians are born and not made. But the rate isn't one a minute ! "


Our policy of " one price throughout the world " brings to English magicians, post paid, all American works on conjuring at the exact English equivalents of the American prices (5 shillings equals one pound sterling).

This means that you can have any magic books delivered to you at the standard American prices, as for example : Hilliard's Greater Magic ; Rice's Encyclopaedia of Silk Magic ; Buckley's Principles and Deceptions ; McGill's Encyclopaedia of Stage Hypnotism ; at 50/- each. Gaultier's Magic without Apparatus ; Tarbell's Course, Vol. IV. ; Thompson's My Best ; at 37/6 each. Dhotel's Magic with Small Apparatus ; Hugard's Book Edition No. 1 or No. 2 ; Sachs's Sleight-of-Hand ; Maskelyne and Devant's Our Magic ; at 25/- each. Collins's A Conjuring Melange; Hugard & Braue's The Royal Road to Card Magic ; at 20/- each.

Please remit to Mr. Robertson Keene, 301 Norwood Road; Southall, Middlesex, zcho will send your order to us via airmail for immediate shipment.



Trewey Model Cartridge Paper Stanyon Corners

Beatuifully Coloured in fast Rainboiu Colours Stage Size, used by Trewey, Stanyon, etc., 12" when closed PRICE 22/6 Plain White Paper, if desired ... 15/6 Important Hints on opening and closing the folds included Trouble Wit Booklet; 80 illustrations ... 2/9

Diminishing Cards to Matchbox. High grade cards diminish to half size (a sample card is extracted) then changes to a full size box of matches, price 7/6 Find the Lady. A perfected form of this ever popular trick. Set of three trick cards with printed instructions, price 10/-Self-Reversing Cards. Ten Cards arranged alternately back and face up. A flick of the fingers and cards are found to have re-arranged themselves. Repeated as often as desired. A perfect pocket trick, price 3/6 The Burglar's Escape. A comedy pocket trick, implicating 3 ' policemen ' and ' a burglar ' price 3/6

It is our policy to keep every book on conjuring and allied arts in stock. Write for free lists. Most U.S. books and all English publications in stock. Five Shillings equals one dollar—we pay postage

Foreign and Colonial customers please write direct. We have supplied MAGIC to the WORLD since 1890

ELLIS STANYON AND COMPANY 76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N.W.6

Telephone : HAMpstead 0940

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Mr. Smith's Guide to Sleight of Hand ..W. Jonson 10/6 A.B.C. of Ventriloquism ..D. Craggs 10-Expert Manipulation of Playing

Cards ..L. Ganson 10/-Testament of R. W. Hull . T. H. Hall 20/-Nothing is Impossible . T. H. Hall 15/-Masterpieces of Magic, Vol. 1 .. 10 -Patterns for Psychics ..Warlock 10-Kamut .. Franklin 3/6 Conjunioring ..Brearlev 10-Willane's Wizardry .. . .Willane 2/6

Obtainable from all Dealers or direct from :—

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Vice-President: Douglas Craggs, Esq., M.I.M.C.

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King George's Hall, W.C.

Particulars from Hon. Secretary :

Francis White, 39 Alverstone Avenue, Wimbledon Park, S.W.19


Increased cost of materials has forced me to increase the price of this effect to 12/6. 1 feel confident, however, that it is still a bargain to anyone who has ever worked the Egg Bag. Thanks to all those who have sent kind words about

ZAHAREE (Geoff. R. Hursell) 16 & 18 Watts' Place CHATHAM :: KENT

MMC., BMS., IBM., SSMC. fllffflrapF the friendly magician invites allb'ona-fide Magicians [b-^mmm^S^ to send for his list of new V^MISlllIPaw/ anc^ use(l apparatus and 1 liiLJy books, or call at his studio :—

1 CLARENCE ROAD ^ Harborne, Birmingham 17


Branches in London, Wakefield, Brighton, and Detroit, U.S.A. The friendliest of magical societies. No entrance fee, printed club magazine, splendid library

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Latest Think a Magician A pocket Mind

Reading Effect - - only 2/6 Orrin's famous Spider's Web, Card Trick 30 -COIN WANDS to produce a real coin 16,6 A few Sliding Glue Packs of Cards 8/9 Send stamp for printed lists of old and new Magic

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