This effect which we know that you are going to like is based on the same principle as Paul Curry's lovely effect " Linked" which appeared first in the Phoenix and then in Magic as a Hobby. Readers may remember that way back in July, 1950 Elizabeth Warlock described the version of a similar effect, which she entitled " Linklater." This effect touched up slightly just over a year later was to appear (with manufacturing rights reserved) in the Genii. Under tfte titie " United we Stand " it had a patriotic motif that I should think made any real lover of his country,puke.

Jack has been using this version for a long while and the only other requirement besides two different coloured lengths of cords is a pocket handkerchief. The cords incidentally should measure between four and five feet in length.

First of all the two cords are placed upon a table top. Each is folded round to form a "U" as illustrated here

Now the pocket handkerchief is taken and placed over the cords so that the ends can be plainly seen. Illustration two which shows a more advanced stage gives an idea of how the set up should be at this moment.

Now under the cover of the handkerchief the two loops are twisted. This illustration shows just how.

This twisting is only part of the action for with a carry through the linked section is brought out from under the handkerchief as in this illustration :

The twist in the cords is of course, concealed by the handkerchief. Stop at this point and emphasise the sheer impossibilty of what has taken place. You grasp the linked section of the cords between the first finger and thumb of each hand and at the same time grip the handkerchief with the remain in- fingers. The handkerchief and cords are lifted as in this illustration and the handkerchief hangs down in front of the cords like a screen. The twist in the cords will automatically disappear for the weight of the cords as they hang brings them into the position shown in this illustration.

At this moment the handkerchief is allowed to fall, the fingers and thumbs of the hands keeping their grip on the cord.

Penultimately, don't use a silk handkerchief for such things are not opaque enough. Ultimately, if you haven't two pieces of cord at hand get a couple of lengths of cotton rope and try it out right now.

Mat15 Sjuwex? *

Last month you may remember we published our own effect which for want of a more imagine-ative title we called " Precogspeller." When Hans was over here we showed him the effect and also explained it to him. Now Hans, unlike ourself, is a technical purist. Provided a simplicity of technique is kept, we don't care a hoot what means we use to get a desired end. Hans, as we said before does, and he jibbed at fhe idea of marked, even though they might be na'urally marked, cards. Anyhow, Hans liked the effect and when he returned to Holland, he sent us his version, a variation that he had evolved during the air trip back to Amsterdam. Here it is.

The magician takes a pack of cards, writes a prediction on the face of a Joker and hands the remainder of the pack to a spectator for shuffling. The pack is taken back and cut into two halves and he offers the spectator the choice of either half. " As it is a matter of importance that both of us should have exactly twenty-six cards, perhaps we had better count them," says the magician. This is then done, the two packets of cards then being ribbon spread on the table. The spectator now pushes out one card from his spread and sup posing that it is the Queen of hearts, the name is spelt along the magician's spread, one card being used for each letter. We will suppose that the card indicated by the last letter is the Ace of diamonds. The Joker is turned up to show that the magician correctly predicted this card-

The requisites for the effect is simply a pack of cards that contains a joker. Presentation and Method:

The magician takes the pack face up and leafs through to find the Joker. As soon as he sights it he cuts it to the face of the pack. At the same time he glimpses the card that follows the Joksr. i.e. the card which lies behind it. Using the pack as a writing pad, he writes on the face of the Joker the card that he has glimpsed and which for the sake of completeness we will assume is the three of diamonds. Now a double lift is executed and the Joker with the predicted card behind is lifted with the right hand off the pack as one card, the left hand offering the spectator the remainder of he pack for shuffline. The two cards that were double lifted are turned face down. After this In0-been done the cards are taken back with the Mt hand. The Joker with the card under it should now be held fingers underneath thumb on top and the pack in the left hand in a dealing position.

The magician now raises the two cards in the right hand giving a flash of the Joker and remarking, " On this card I have written something concerning the future." To accompany the remark, the left hand first finger stretches out and the left hand moves across to point out to the Joker. For a moment the Joker is hidden and at this moment the card behind the Joker (the three of diamonds) is pushed on top of the pack, much in the manner that one accomplishes the push back false count. Immediately, without giving the spectator a chance to read what is written on the Joker, but at the same time allowing him to see that it is the Joker, this card is placed face down upon the table.

The pack is now cut into two approximately equal halves, the lower half being given to a spectator. Should you wish however to give the helper a free choice of either heap, the following subterfuge fits the bill. Cut the pack in halves in the hand in a bookwise fashion. Ask the spectator which half he prefers for himself. If he says the bottom portion, fair enough, just let him take it. Should he plump for the upper part which of course contains the three of diamonds, slip the top card on to the lower portion in the act of handing him the part he wishes. Quite frankly there is little need to offer a choice, for after all the cards have been freely shuffled and plainly cut. Explaining that it is necessary that each should have twenty six cards, the spectator is asked to count the cards he has, the magician doing likewise. As the magician counts he remembers that the first card laid down is the three of diamonds that he has predicted. For the purpose of the effect, and as he has no mark to guide him he wants it in the best position, i.e. thirteenth. Therefore, when he reaches in his counting, the number thirteen, the card that follows is slightly jogged and the remainder of the cards counted on to it. Should the magician have more than twenty six, the number above, this is removed and added to the spectator's heap. The reverse takes place should the spectator have a greater number. In picking up the cards the heap is casually cut at the jog thus bringing the three of diamonds into the thirteenth position. The cards are ribbon spread, the spectator pushes one card out and according to the value, the magician in the manner described in " Precogspeller " counts along the row of cards.

3tet&i Wxvdock'd

Moke Mine MM!

No doubt many of you read reports in the national press regarding my lecture the "Credulity of Man." In this lecture it was my object to show how most people believe what they want to believe and my emphasis was on how easily they could, in pursuance of their belief, so easily be deceived. The accent was on pseudo psychical phenomena and my penultimate contribution took: the form of a mock spiritual seance.

I was securely tied to a chair and whilst so tied (a screen being placed in front of me), various phenomena took place. Most of it was the usual kind of stuff like bells ringing, but there were a few novelties, one of which I now propose to describe for I feel certain that it could be of use to a performer who at some time or the other may be called upon to give a psuedo psychic demonstration. incidentally the trick tie I used was the JosefFy one that is very well described in " The Art of Magic."

Certain preliminaries took place before I was tied up, and I intimated to the audience what I intended doing. In this case I took a tumbler, and a^ this was semi test stuff, had it examined. A bottle of milk was then opened and the contents poured into the tumbler to within half a inch of the lip. A piece of cellophane with the aid of two piece of adhesive tape was then stuck over the mouth of the glass and filially another length of adhesive tape was placed around the glass so that the overlapping ends held down the cellophane. The whole thing now looked like this :

left in full view until the seance is under way. In my own c^se at this stage when it was required my daughter d/ew aside the screen that was shielding me from the audience and placed it on a table that was beside me and on which a bell and tambourine had been placed. The screen was now replaced and in less that a minute it was again moved and though I was still bound the contents of the glass had vanished, the idea being that the pseudo spirits had managed to penetrate the cellophane and drink the contents. The glass was then passed for examination and the checking of the sealing.

The requirements are simple and few. They are

1 A half pint straight sided tumbler.

2 A sheet of cellophane measuring six inches by six inches.



bottle of milk.



reel of adhesive (medical)

tape, half-an-inch





Biro pen for marking the




drinking straw.



jar of vaseline.

Although the preparation, which is done prior to performance, is of a simple order everything must be done most carefully. First of all lay the piece of cellophane flat upon a table top. Just off centre a hole approximately 3/16 of an inch is carefully cut out with sharp pointed scissors. If your womenfolk are interested in embroidery work borrow the special style of scissors that they use in applique work for they are ideal for a job such as this. Now two strips of adhesive are cut each measuring about ten to eleven inches in length across the cen re of the cellophane, place one adhesive side down thus—

Now cut the remaining peice into two equal parts. One length adhesive side down is placed on the cellophane at right angles to the long strip on the side opposite to the hole. The remaining peice of tape has a little vaseline smeared over about three inches of its adhesive surface and it is then placed adhesive side down on the cellophane thus :

(The shaded portion in Fig. 3 is the part vaselined).

Fold the ends so that adhesive side is against adhesive side and the cellophane is ready for packing.

When the time comes for the performance the tapes are unfolded and the whole affair placed cellophane uppermost on the table top near to the glass and milk. When the cellophane is shown to the spectator the small hole is invisible and it looks as though two pieces of tape have been laid across the top one over the of her. The glass is how filled with milk. The cellophane and tapes are taken and placed on top of the tumbler, the overlapping pieces of tape bein? pressed against the sides of the glass. Another piece of tape is cut from the spool and, this wound round the glass so that it overlaps the ends and the whole affair presents an appearance like that in the first illustration. The spectator is then handed the biro pen and is required to initial the tapes at the part where they join or overlaD. The soec'ator has done his share and takes his seat. The tumbler of milk is left in view of the audience.

When the time comes, the assistant places the glass on the table. In your inside pocket or on the table you have placed the drinking straw. Immediately the screen conceals the glass and yourself, free yourself and very carefully ease and fold back that portion of the adhesive tape that has been vaselined. Take the drinking s raw and push it through the hole in the cellophane, place your mouth to the free end op the straw and drink the milk as quickly as possible. When the class is empty, withdraw the straw and rep'arc it in ifs original position carefullv fold the adhesive tape back into its orisinal position. Reset yourself with the tie and allow the screen <o be withdrawn. The glass can now betaken and checked by the spectator.

SiaMif, ffi&uuvuV&

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