No Clue Spectator Location


THIS effect is so named since the moves are direct and in keeping with what you are supposed to do.


A pack of cards is thoroughly shuffled and handed to the performer, who leafs them through, inviting a spectator to touch any card and peek at it. Following this he is to take the pack in his own hands and shuffle the cards.

The pack is once again handed back to the performer, who taking the cards in his left hand throws a handkerchief over them and invites the spectator to cut the pack at any point, through the handkerchief.

This upper half of the pack is drawn away and the card at cut is turned over and shown to be the chosen card.


The pack is genuinely shuffled and fanned through for the spectator to make his choice by touching the back of any card.

When he has done this, you ask him if he is sure it is the card he wants. This little hesitation gives you the opportunity of crimping the bottom right hand corner of the chosen card, between the middle fingers of each hand, which are under the fan of cards being offered for selection.

When the card has been peeked at, you immediately close the fan and hand the cards to be shuffled. On receiving the cards back you square them and the position of the crimped card will be apparent.

Hold the cards in the left hand, between the thumb on one side and the middle, third and little fingers on the other side, the first finger being across the top to control the cards.

You will see that the cards are in the position for the one hand cut. Your left thumb should be placed at the crimped card and as the handke -chief is thrown over the cards one hand cut is made to bring the chosen card to the bottom of the pack.

Now the spectator cuts the pack under cover of the handkerchief.

You then perform the ALL FAIR FORCE (see Pentagram Vol. 5, No. 12) which brings the chosen card on to the top of the lower packet, where it is when you bring the cards from under the handkerchief, to show that the spectator has cut the pack at the card of his choice.

Just to complete Francis's very nice card discovery we'll repeat for the benefit of those new readers who may not have the copy of the Pentagram giving the 'All Fair Force' a description of this very handy subterfuge.

' This is an under the handkerchief force, but it has a naturalness in handling that should commend it to the perfectionist. The card to be forced is on the face of the pack. The pack face down is taken from the right hand by the left hand between the second, third and fourth fingers on one side and the thumb on the opposite side, the right finger at the outer end keeps the pack steady. In taking the pack, the left thumb pulls down the bottom card slightly forming a break. A handkerchief is now taken and placed over the pack and a spectator approached with a request that he cuts the cards through the handkerchief wherever he wishes. As he does this and takes the top packet away, the performer makes the Charl-ier pass (the force card being the bottom stock for this purpose) and brings the card to be forced to the top of the packet held. This card is then noied by the spectator.'


and the first card is not forced. The routine, in outline, is as follows.

1 Apparently write prediction for SI, actually write that for S3 (card under the coat).

2 Card chosen by SI, and its name discovered from the stock.

3 Apparently write prediction for S2, actually that for SI.

4 Card chosen by S2, in a different manner to Si's selection, and discovered either from the stock or by glimpsing.

5 Apparently write prediction for S3, actually that for S2.

6 Palm card from under coat to top of pack and force on S3 as before.

And now a few final comments. In this effect details of technique can obviously be varied greatly to suit individual performers. Slips could be used instead of visiting cards, folded, and dropped into a tumbler. The actual word written can be altered but I am sure that some different wording should be used on each of the three cards, a psychological point which increases the all over effect. If you know the initials of S3, initials could be used instead of numbers on the cards. And finally, as this is a mental effect, please do not use any fancy moves, flourishes, shuffles or cuts with the cards.

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