Nae Bother At A



A FOLDED piece of paper containing a prediction is dropped into a hat and two books are given out to members of the audience. A pack of cards is then taken and shuffled, then being taken by another spectator to deal and stop any-* where; he turns face upwards the next four cards <if picture cards turn up they are discarded and ffie spectator keeps turning up cards until four spot cards are in view). All spots are then added to indicate the page of the chosen book. The digits of page number when added indicate line to arrive at.

When the slip of paper containing the prediction is removed from the hat by a spectator it is found that the performer has correctly predicted the line indicated.

There is little preparation. The cards are set up as follows :—

K, 4, 10, 5, 9, K, 6, 8, 7, 7, Q, 8, 6, 9, Q, 5, 10, Q, 4, 10, K, 5, 9, 6, 8, J, 7, 7, K, 8, 6, J, J, 9, 5, 10, Q, 4, J, A, 3, 3, 4, 3, A, 2, A, 2, 2, A, 3, Joker.

The cards in their case are then placed in the right hand jacket pocket. It will be seen from this set-up that all spot cards with the exception of the bottom stock will total to 28, 29, or 30.

In the right hand trousers pocket you will require two sets of folded slips, one set for each book. Each slip covers the necessary lines on the necessary pages. A slip of paper of similar size* but unfolded, together with a pencil will be neces-> sary. As an afterthought you will also have to take the two books with you.


Take the slip of paper, write something on it then folding it and apparently drop it into the hat. Actually it is retained in a finger-palm position and retained there whilst the books are picked up and handed out. The hand goes to the pocket for the cards and ditches the folded paper at the same time.

The cards are now removed from the case and given a convincing false shuffle. After this a member of the audience is asked to deal off a card at a time until he thinks " stop." At this point)

he starts turning up the four spot cards. The conjurer turns his head away so that he cannot lcnow what cards are arrived at. The spectator? picks up the cards, adds the numbers together and takes the total across to either of the spectators holding the books. Whilst this is done the performer is standing with his hand in his right hand trousers pocket. He watches the spectator with the book. If the right hand page is used then the number is 29. If it is a left hand page it is either 28 or 30, but if the spectator goes on counting down beyond line 3 then it is obviously page 28.

The slip is immediately obtained from the miniature index and finger-palmed. In the action of picking up the hat and crossing to the spectator so that he can remove the prediction the finger-palmed slip is quietly dropped into the hat.

The reader will find this effect very convincing, for the fact that the performer seemingly hasi no knowledge of the page number will confuse those who might think that such knowledge was a possible clue.

If you must go completely mental and you can find the audience who like this type of magic you can have a decent set of indices and a good memory or pigeon holing system like the "Nikola," then to throw out a dozen books ia " Nae bother at 'A."

" Tt is not wise to make a trick appear too easy, especially in mind-reading tricks. In these, in writing a sentence, the subject should be made to write one word at a time, look the performer in the eye, with the head kept perfectly parallel with the performer's to make the thought waves travel in coincidental lines and so on."

J. N. Hilliard—" Greater Magic," page 881.

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