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THE SLIPS of paper that I use measure three by two inches. For use they are folded once widthwise and twice lengthwise so that a billet l^in. by Jin. results. I prefer that the slips are cut from a fairly stiffish kind of paper with the result that when the folded billet is fashioned there is no tendency towards bending.

The procedure for the switch is as follows: —

The mentalist has concealed in his left hand a blank billet. It is held between the top joint and the base of the second finger. (See Figure 1.) The left arm hangs down at the side. Assuming that a spectator has written something on a billet, he is asked to refold it. The mentalist takes back the slip with his right hand, holding it at the tips of the second finger and thumb. He holds it aloft so that without any need for comment it is obvious that there is nothing concealed in the hand. As he does this, he emphasises what has been done; i.e., that a spectator has noted some person's name on a slip of paper. As he says this the right arm drops to the side and he mentions that he wants another spectator to act as referee. He advances to another member of his audience and as he stands in front of him he raises both hands. At a point where they are about an inch and a half apart (Figure 2) the thumb of the right hand pulls back the spectator's billet into the second finger

grip whilst the thumb of the left hand pushes the dummy billet forward, almost at the same time, the dummy billet is gripped at its right side by the thumb and second finger of the right hand (Figure 3).

The hands hold this position for a few seconds in front of the spectator before the billet is handed to him. If the reader will only try this switch a few times I know that he will find it invaluable.

" CHIP-TEASE " (J. N. J. Magic). Price 6s. from your favourite dealer.

The articles used in this very effective close-up penetration are a short length of red with a die affixed at each end and two different coloured poker chips having a hole bored through the centre. At the commencement the two chips are on the rod and the magician shows that it is impossible to remove either or both without taking off one of the dice.

After the apparatus hasjbeen examined, the spectator selects one of the chips, say green. This chip after the die at the end has been removed is slipped on the rod after which the die is replaced and the green chip is a prisoner. Dice, rod and chip are then covered with a handkerchief, the spectator holding both dice through the temporary cover.

Picking up the other chip which we'll suppose is white, the magician reaches under the folds of the handkerchief. 'Remember,' he says, 'green chip on the rod, white in my hand.' His hand comes away from the handkerchief but instead of holding a WHITE chip he now holds the GREEN chip and when the handkerchief is removed the spectator sees that the WHITE chip is now on the rod. Once again everything can be examined.

Here is another worthwhile addition to the pocket trick worker's repertoire, and all for the absurd sum of six shillings. Dice, chips, rod plus the very necessary something come to you packed in cellophane in an attractive envelope. We've seen the originators work this and obtain miraculous results. The simplicity of the method plus the carefully prepared instructions ensure that you, dear reader, can do the same. An excellent buy!

" Perfect» Prediction," by Tom Sellers (marketed by Supreme Magic, price 3s. 6d.).

Here is a very nice self contained item for the mentalist, this latest brainchild of that prolific originator, Tom Sellers. The effect is direct, indeed. An envelope is introduced inside of which lies a piece of paper or card on which is written a prediction. A card is now quite freely selected from (if necessary) an examined and shuffled pack. Nevertheless the mentalist is right. Good routining and a gimmicked subtlety make this miracle possible. At the price asked you just can't go wrong.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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