Miniture Slate Supreme

THIS IS yet another addition to the many miniature slate routines so beloved by many close-up performers in this and other countries.

It is a showy means of getting a message upon a seemingly blank slate. Two miniature slates are required.

Instead of the more usual flap, a piece of black flashpaper is cut so that it fits loosely into the frame of the slates. (If black flashpaper is unobtainable, the white variety may be painted with Indian Ink.) Now the name of a card to be forced is written with a piece of pointed chalk upon the surface of the slate, the piece of black flashpaper being dropped on top of it. With the two slates, a sheet of white flashpaper and a pack of cards in its case, you are ready to go ahead.

First of all the card is forced and the pack returned to its case. Next the two slates are shown, the fingers of the hand holding the flap slate, keeping the piece of flashpaper in position. The two slates are then placed together, the flap slate going on top. Both slates are then wrapped in the piece of white flashpaper and they are placed upon the card case which is stood on its end.

A lighted cigarette or match is now placed against the white flashpaper, it not only flashes off but also ignites the flap, which also disinte

grates, so that the message is left on the topmost slate. Removing the slates the performer slides them apart with the words, " And written between the slates is the name of your card." The action must be such that it appears that the one on which the message is written is underneath rather than on top. The reader will find by experiment that there are many ways in which the message may appear to be inside, but this seeming-barefaced method with no attendant moves is quite effective. Remember, too, that both slates were shown completely blank before the trick commenced!

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