Display the shell-covered ring as in Fig. 8. Perform the Howie Pick-up Move, then grip the shell as in Fig. 12. Take the tip of the tie in the right hand and transfer it to the left hand, pushing it through the hidden ring in so doing. Take the shell in the right hand and, if desired, spin it in the air and catch it again.

Using two free fingers of the right hand pull the tie through the left fist till the left hand is positioned half-way up the tie. Immediately move the left forefinger from below to above the tie which is thus gripped between the first and second fingers. Place the shell between the left forefinger and thumb as in Fig. 42 (the ring at this stage is hidden behind the left fingers). Remove the shell for further display then apparently replace it but actually under momentary cover of the right fingers, slide the shell back behind the right fingers and squeeze up the solid ring with the left fingers so that the audience view remains as in Fig. 42.

Grip the tip of the tie with the right hand and move the tie nearer then further away from you several times by pulling on the tip. While doing this cause the ring to rise and fall (exactly as if it were resting upon the tie) by alternately relaxing and contracting the left second finger which is hidden by the lower portion of the tie. These two movements should be synchronised to give the effect of the tie moving the ring up and down.

Suddenly release the left hand completely and turning your right side to the audience, extend the right hand to display the ring threaded upon the tie as in Fig. 45.

Disposal of the shell.

While holding the position shown in Fig. 43 bring up the left hand and take over the hold on the end of the tie from the right hand. As the right hand leaves the end of the tie it is a simple matter to drop the shell into the upturned left sleeve. Remove the ring from the tie using the right hand then lower the left arm to regain the shell for replacement on the ring or otherwise.


The two routines that follow are included to indicate how effective sequences can be constructed from material available in the literature. Only brief outlines are given except where variations from the original are involved.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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