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This month we have been having some very good fun with C. Dudley Whitnall's " Twenty-Seventh Card described in this issue. We think that this is one of the finest self-working effects that we have every struck.

An apology to ' Hen ' Fetsch. In a previous number we published with his permission two effects that appeared in " Magic at the Fingertips ". As we have had very many favourable comments regarding these effects, we would mention that in the book in question, there are some thirty other effects, all of sterling merit.

Major Leslie May has come across with a very nice idea called " Double Deletion ". It will appear in the next issue. In a letter he outlines a cute idea that might be called " Mortmain 2 ". The conjurer would have to have something comparable to a Thayer Rapping Hand, the very necessary board and his own assistant or stooge, the stooge is placed on the right of the magician and handed the board; the hand, after being examined, is placed on it. A spectator is asked to assist and he stands or sits to the left of the magician. He is handed a square of paper, asked to write down the name of some dead person, and when this is done he is to fold the paper. The magician takes this from him and switches the billet, substituting a dummy ( in the manner of the Dead Name Duplication), which is handed to another spectator. Going to his pocket with the hand holding the palmed billet, it comes out agiiin with it. The billet is then unfolded, writing being kept away from the audience and then placed under the fingertips of the hand on the board. Over the whole lot a light silk is placed. The hand now starts moving as the assistant brings the mechanism into play. The movement stops and the magician moves across to the spectator holding the dummy billet. Taking this from him, he unfolds it and reads out the name he glimpsed on the paper placed under^the hand. Moving across to the assistant with the hand, he raises the silk and removes the original billet, taking it to another member of the audience on the right, who is asked to read out what the hand has written. The word, of course, agrees!

George Blake wrote us a very nice note regarding " Colour Sense of the Coins ". Like ourselves, he realised the fine effect that could be obtained and, using his own presentation, worked the " 91 Cent Miracle " a great deal during the War years. His main point was that with the difficulty of obtaining different coloured envelopes, match boxes covered with different coloured papers and referred to as " Banks " (the things some people deposit money in!) can be used.


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♦ Here is an effect ideal for close-up or platform work. It is being currently used by Elizabeth Warlock, who will be pleased to demonstrate it if she is in your locality.

♦ Rather than praise our own wares, we will quote that outstanding card worker, Gustave Southall, who says :—

♦ " It is a trick one may imagine Leipzig would have liked to do."




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