The news of the death of Dr. Jaks on the 3rd of January came as a great shock. Our two memories of him are vivid. First at the lecture he gave under the aegis of Harry Stanley, and secondly in 1958 when he paid a short visit to this country On that occasion Vernon was also here and wc can remember sitting with them both in Harry Stanley's studio talking of magic of the past. Of the greats they had seen, and particularly do we remember Stanley Jaks extolling the merits of a German mental act he had seen in his youth. He had great enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of what constituted entertainment value in a mental effect. We remember that he gave us the root idea for the plot which ultimately became a favourite effect, 'Double Double'. He contributed a great deal to magic and his writings will be found in every worthwhile magical periodical. It was, in the 'Jinx', we believe, that his effects first became known to magicians. He was agile with pen and pencil and many were the illustrations he prepared for books and articles, his two largest tasks in this direction being, 'Classic Secrets of Magic' by Bruce Elliott and Bill Simon's, 'Effective Card Magic'.

The other day we were the guests of Jo and Lewis Ganson, and whilst with them had an opportunity of seeing the manuscript of the forthcoming

Slydini book. Innumerable first class photographs accompany the text, and this book dealing with the practical close-up magic of one of the most outstanding personalities in magic should prove a "must" for all who wish to have a permanent reminder of his faultless work. We understand that the price will be in the region of 45/-. Though no date has been scheduled for its printing we feel certain that it should be available before the end of the year. Tribute must be paid not only to Lewis Ganson who has been responsible for the writing but also to Harry Stanley, who has once again taken on the task of publishing a most costly (from the publisher's viewpoint) book of outstanding magic. It is a big assignment and because of high costs, and the necessary comparatively low circulation of magic books, largely a labour of love.

There's still time to get a ticket for the British Ring Dinner, Ball and Cabaret, which is to be held at Washington Hotel in Curzon Street, W.l. on Sunday, 14th February. Modestly priced at 35/-each. they may be obtained from either Bill Stickland at the 'Wand', Dudsbury Crescent, Fern-down, Dorset, or from Geoffrey Robinson, 14, Bristol House, Southampton Row, W.C.I. Appearing in the cabaret are Frank Brooker with his £1.000 prize act, Billy McComb and A1 Koran. Barney Colehan will be Guest of Honour.

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