IT is always very pleasant to have a complete issue of the Pentagram from the pen of one writer. Actually this is the second time that Edmund Rowland has performed this feat and I know that my own thanks are coupled with those of our readers.

The next issue is also a one-man effort the contributor being that well-known personality, Bobby Bernard. Bobby whose ' gen ' on close-up magic and pocket tricks fills me with amazement always seems to come up with some excellent slants on tricks which are capable of being given a story theme. Altogether he has 10 items in the next number and its our betting that we'll see at least a couple of them on TV before the Pentagram has been published a fortnight.

It was very nice a little while back to have the pleasure of meeting that great photographer-magician, George Karger. At Eric de la Mare's on one of the few fine afternoon's of this Summer we sat with a fascinated group getting the low-down on so many American magicians we have heard about but never met. Later that day we went along to the complimentary dinner given to Paul and Mrs. Fleming and some fellow American at the Cora Hotel. Leaving out the matter of the meal it was a delightful evening, in which magic wasn't taken too seriously.

During his very short stay in America, Fred Kaps greatly impressed the people who really matter. Although handled rather badly by the production staff in the Ed. Sullivan show, his true charm and outstanding qualities brought the right kind of show people to him and the right kind of enquiries.

Some few weeks back we received a copy of " Ibidem," a Canadian publication produced, directed and retailed by P. Howard Lyons who counts the coin at P.O. Box 561, Adelaide P.O. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It retails at 50 cents a copy and is published approximately quarterly. We have now received the first five issues and for the sum of two dollars fifty cents they represent for the intelligent magician one of the finest ' buys' in magic that we have come across in recent years. In the issue following the Bobby Bernard number we are running two effects from this delightful publication. One is an unpublished E. G. Brown effect and the other is a trick with a plot based upon it.

In these days for the purchase of a publication which is published abroad, the reader will have little difficulty in obtaining the necessary sanction for the export of sterling from his local bank manager who will then arrange a mail transfer to pay for the magazine or magazines.

Despite what magicians may think about their own craft, it is fairly patent that the variety profession as a whole does not regard it so highly despite the big part that it has played in show business over the past 60 years. In the Jubilee V.A.F. Television Show, not one magician was represented.

The British Ring Convention is not so far ahead and this year the attendance at Brighton looks like beating all previous records. The gala show contains some interesting names and the Grant film, twice the length of the one shown last year at Southport contains some 24 fine visual effects.

Coming back to magazines, how many readers of this paper are members of the Society of American Magicians? N.U.M. the monthly publication of this Society has, during its six years of publication under the fine editorship of Mil-bourne Christopher been built up to become an outstanding magazine in which news, informative articles and some truly excellent magic take their place. At the moment a series of first-class close-up routines called " Top Secrets of Magic " by J. G. Thompson, junior is being serialised. As many as 27 photographic illustrations go to the description of one effect. This alone gives the reader a a first rate lesson from a first rate brain. Again payment could be made direct to America for this service and those interested should write to the Vynn Boyer, National Secretary, 93, Central Street, Forestville, Connecticut, U.S.A. We only wish that the two largest magical societies in this country had magazines comparable to those by the two largest American Societies for certainly to-day amongst society publications there is nothing to touch either the " Linking Ring " or " M.U.M." As for some of the smaller societies over here who put out a monthly publication, were it not for the fact that we well know their members as being enthusiastic and good magicians, we might, from the Fourth Form style of writing think that we were reading a report on a society for the propogation of adolescents.

Channing Pollock now on a European tour should be getting better weather than we are having over here now. Italy, the Riviera, Scandinavia and Belgium will all have the pleasure and privilege of seeing this outstanding magician. No doubt after his date in Belgium in early October, magi in this country will have once again the opportunity of seeing his beautiful act.




LIVE MAGICIANS on the look-out for first-rate publicity stunts, as well as confirmed Mentalists will welcome this latest book by Will Dexter, for it is a standard work on all that is best in Blindfold effects and methods.

Will Dexter—magician, journalist, author, editor—has collected here the best blindfold methods using all principles from genuine to fake blindfolds, and extremely ingenious they are too, as well as being eminently practical.

In the seventy odd pages there are described no less than fifteen fake blindfolds, from simple paper bags placed over the head, to leather masks, coins and sticking plaster over the eyes and heavy cloth bags placed over the head and tied round the neck. Yet in every case the performer has clear straight-ahead vision, whilst there is nothing messy (such as dough) or unsure in the methods.

The second section describes eight more blindfold methods using unfaked blindfolds such as surgical sticking plaster, thick pads over the eyes, reflectors, etc.

Part three deals with subtleties that can be allied to the use of blindfolds, the property plot, stage setting, psychological approach to the audience and so-on.

Finally, in part four are described the sensational publicity stunts that these blindfold methods can be used for. There is the Blindfold Drive, Blindfold Cvcle Ride, Blindfold Letter Delivery, etc., and in addition a full stage programme of reputation making blindfold effects.

The book is finely printed, fully illustrated, bound in black cloth, with title lettered in silver on front and spine, and wrapped in a striking dust jacket DON'T LET OTHERS BEAT YOU TO THE USE OF THESE SENSATIONAL EFFECTS Price 17/6 : postage 6d. ($2.50) From the Publishers

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