FIRST OF ALL our thanks to Alex. Elmsley foi letting us have three typical Elmsley card approaches.

The twentieth Convention of the British Ring has come and gone. Its majority (from the Convention viewpoint) will be held at Scarborough next year.

Of this year's convention the highlights were few. On the other hand there were fewer weaker spots, and in all a good time was had by all. It was a pity that such a poor room was used for the showing of the Grant Film. Indian Summer conditions and lack of good air conditioning tended to make the onlooker sleeper. It was not to be expected that the Gala show would surpass the previous Brighton show which still stands in our own opinion as the best Gala show the British Ring have staged. Nevertheless there were some fine acts. Tonny van Dommelen, El Wido, Devolyn and Irene, Johnny Giordmaine and Haakon Edeling were outstanding. We do hope that at no future show shall we hear a female magician use the word " sweat." Bad enough from a man, but from a woman almost unbearable. Great credit however must go to Bill Stickland who, year after year, manages to get so many truly new International acts for this big show. Few people realise how hard a task this is. Few realise the personal expense he goes to in visiting the continent and contacting these artistes.

The competition though having fewer entries than in the past four years brought nothing breathtaking. Geoff. Gregson undoubtedly stirred the audience with his presentation of Rinod's " Diabolical Wand " and his Poodle production, whilst as was to be expected Lou. Histed made easy work of the originality prize. He also, when receiving the award made the wittiest speech of the convention.

Both of the lectures were excellent. Lew Ganson, fresh from his Miami triumphs gave a delightful presentation of the Rinod effect and followed it with some nice visual magic in which he was capably assisted by Ken. Scholes. Stanley Thomas despite the bad time for such a lecture (Sunday morning) brought home to a large audience the beauty of ancient magical craftsmanship.

The dealers didn't have a great number of new things to offer, but items which struck our eye were the Table Tennis effect (of Orrin's we believe) demonstrated by George Davenport, the silk production basket demmed by Harry Stanley and the " Beacon" effect of Edwin's. Ten minutes for a public demonstration is hardly enough for any dealer to display his wares.

It was good to see the Benevolent and Welfare Fund benefitting from a number of sources and the total derived from the flower stand, the morning service and New Era must have been quite appreciable.

Overseas visitors were more plentiful than we have ever seen them. A large contingent from Belgium brought many new faces. America as usual sent us its Ambassador of goodwill in the person of Craig, whilst it was a great pleasure to meet Tom Hawbecker (one of the National Deputies of the S.A.M.) and Mrs. Hawbecker. Australia never misses with Charlie Wicks and a newcomer from the Antipodes was Percy Boden. Henk Vermeyden who looks younger every time we see him had with him a number of Dutch magicians, and his production dice number which he showed in the I iternational Show, is proving a great seller bota in this country and on the continent.

The close-up sessions organised by Francis Haxton must have been the best presented yet.

We missed many faces including those of Freddy Carter, Voltaire, Ken. Brooke and our old friend Donald Forsyth.

We had several enquiries whilst we were at Brighton regarding the publication of "Peter Warlock's Book of Magic." Actually due for publication about June, the printing strike held things up. The publisher tells us that it should be on sale about the middle of October.

John Howie has promised us a special number in the near future. This very thoughtful magician has done a great deal of good for magic, his " Ellis " ring contributions being a fine contribution to ring magic.

" There was a dime museum in Philadelphia near the Beautiful Undraped Models. I hung round the old Chinatown section that featured a magician who kept magician ..."

the kiddies amused while their fathers went in to see the " Memoirs of a Sword Swallower "—Dan Mannix.

" Stage magic itself, unlike knife-throwing and fire- bearing a mark put upon it by a member of the audience, eating, contains very little element of danger; but there is fired by a volunteer and is apparently caught by the is one classic trick which has killed at least a dozen per- magician—between his teeth !

formers in the two centuries of its existence; a bullet William Lindsay Gresham.




LIVE MAGICIANS on the look-out for first-rate publicity stunts, as well as confirmed Mentalists will welcome this latest book by Will Dexter, for it is a standard work on all that is best in Blindfold effect» and methods.

Will Dexter—magician, journalist, author, editor—has collected here the best blindfold methods using all principles from genuine to fake blindfolds, and extremely ingenious they are too, as well as being eminently practical.

In the seventy odd pages there are described no less than fifteen fake blindfolds, from simple paper bags placed over the head, to leather masks, coins and sticking plaster over the eyes and heavy cloth bags placed over the head and tied round the neck. Yet in every case the performer has clear straight-ahead vision, whilst there is nothing messy (such as dough) or unsure in the methods.

The second section describes eight more blindfold methods using unfaked blindfolds such as surgical sticking plaster, thick pads over the eyes, reflectors, etc.

Part three deals with subtleties that can be allied to the use of blindfolds, the property plot, stage setting, psychological approach to the audience and so-on.

Finally, in part four are described the sensational publicity stunts that these blindfold methods can be used for. There is the Blindfold Drive, Blindfold Cycle Ride, Blindfold Letter Delivery, etc., and in addition a full stage programme of reputation making blindfold effects.

The book is finely printed, fully illustrated, bound in black cloth, with title lettered in silver on front and spine, and wrapped in a striking dust jacket DON'T LET OTHERS BEAT YOU TO THE USE OF THESE SENSATIONAL EFFECTS Price 17/6 : postage 6d. ($2.50) From the Publishers





The audience see three smallish attractively decorated coloured boxes on the mentalist's table. One is white, one black and one green. The actual size is 3in. x 3in. x 2in.

Three members of the audience are nominated respectively Mr. White, Mr. Black and Mr. Green.

On a large visiting card, the mentalist writes something. The card is folded and placed inside the white box and the lid placed on top. Mr. White is then asked to name a three-figure number which is noted. Two more messages are similarly written and placed respec tively in the black and green boxes. Mr. Black choosing a City and Mr. Green a playing card.

The pay off comes when Messrs. White, Black and Green remove the lids from the boxes and take out the cards, for in each and every case the mentalist has correctly forecast their particular choices.

Completely mechanical in working thus leaving the mentalist free to make the most of his showmanship, " The Mystery of the Three Coloured Boxes," made only to order, comes complete for £6 10s., post free.

Made only to Order


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