Marvin Roy still continues at the Lido and his closing item, the electric bulbs from the mouth, almost thirty feet in length, hits the customers very hard. When we were with David Nixon a short while back he was full of this act, which had been one of the many he had seen whilst on a short trip to France.

Incidentally, David is to be congratulated on abandoning at short notice the explanation of simple tricks that he was going to teach his viewing public. The amateur spot which he introduced instead has proved its worth. Though we have missed a couple of these programmes we did have the pleasure of seeing Paul Gain present his very nice version of the soup plates and handkerchief. This young man from Selby has a very polished style and we shall always remember the act that he put over in the British Ring Shield Competition at Brighton in 1956.

A very nice mental item that appealed to us was the snooker ball divination in Buckley and Cook's mental book. A1 Koran came up with a version of the effect on TV the other evening and it scored very well.

We are still trying to find out a little more about the International Congress at Vienna in 1958. Apart from the advance leaflet which came out in the beginning of the year there seems to be little information available. It is good to know that Hans Trixer will be there, taking a holiday from Rhodesia, and there is a chance that " Lefty " may bring over Jay Marshall.

Whilst in his writings concerning Kalanag, Arthur Leroy has always struck us as trailing one foot in the gutter, we never expected from Bob Lund the kind of review that appeared in a recent edition of Hugard's. Supposed to be an impartial appraisement, ill tasted American humour is allowed to show in things like the criticism of Kalanag's speech, whilst Gloria, Kalanag's beautiful wife is subjected to description that ill becomes the writer. Kalanag's show which to-day is unequalled and which at the moment is playing to packed audiences on the Continent gives the lay audience up to date entertainment. From the Leroy-Lund side we hear of the introduction of sexy situations and we can only conclude that Kalanag thought (possibly from acquaintance with wartime G.I.s and American horror comics) that such things were part and parcel of the American way of life.

We must apologise for the extremely late appearance of the last issue of 4 Pentagram.' The printing blocks went astray in the post. The printer was waiting for them, and we were waiting for him to deliver the issue to us. By the time it was discovered what had happened the issue was very late, and then of course we had to get new blocks made.


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