To those interested in the offerings of magical magazines the following bunch of words may be of passing interest.

Regardless of how wonderfully others praise a magic magazine, naturally my affection for said periodical is tempered by the amount of material published that I can and will use. There are more absorbing articles written in other fields if I only desire to read for amusement or escape.

Tricks that I read that I decide I can use, whole or in part, go on file. This systematic recording has a value which I do not remember ever having seen expressed. By comparing the number of tricks listed from all the magazines received last year, I can instantly tell which one was the most 'valuable.

By checking the number of tricks filed from that magazine last year with the number filed the year previously tells me if that magazine is improving or not.

Dariel Fitzkee gave the Pentagram nice mention in the July Genii. Of the 6 tricks he spoke of, 4 were with cards. The statement was also made that the Pentagram has a strong leaning towards mental effects. That sounds like rather restricted material, and is misleading to one not personally acquainted with the contents of Pentagram.

Variety is most welcome in a magic magazine, and a lest of that can be made with this filing system. It must exist if I can arrange a routine using tricks exclusively from the magazine tested.

A Pentagram routine might be :

1. Untying Sympathy — Douglas — Sept. '47, p. 85.


5. Turn Down an Empty Glass—Warlock—May '48, p. 60.

7. Word Sense—Gay ton and Warlock—Sept. '47, p 86.

This routine ties together nicely in several respects. The silk so freely (?) selected and untied by a volunteer in 1 is the silk that is used in 2.

The coins that appear in 3 are added to more to work 4.

The number forced by means of a card in 3 is still used in 4.

The deck used at 3 is the deck used at 6. The bag used in 4 is used again in 6. After 2, the glass is placed aside, and it is apparently the same one you use at 5 as refreshment for the volunteer. You pour yourself a glass and drink so that he knows it is alright and Coca Cola in place of Guinness.

Having destroyed the deck in 6 you are at a dead end, so the break is necessary to go to something else—books in 7.

A magazine is prepared for both 7 and 8. Magazine is wrapped in a piece of the newspaper in 8 that is used in 9.

Message on newspaper reads Good night or That's all, folks.

If one wished a bit more time and did not adhere strictly to the Pentagram, one might start with Silks from Newspaper as described on Pag"e 219 of Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic. Follow with Baker's Dyeing Silks. Continue with the routine to 3, at the conclusion of which you work the Miser's Dream to procure the necessary additional coins.

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