For the lateness of the previous issue, our sincere apologies. A breakdown of a linotype machine at our printers plus the intervention of the Cotswold Assembly (which carried George Armstrong away from London) were the causes.

On Saturday, May 7th, Robert Harbin got a nice spot of publicity by means of radio. In the " In Town To-night " feature he presented his version of " Sawing through a Woman," followed by an improved version of the Abbott method. The " Sunday Dispatch " gave him a nice write-up on the following day. Bob was all booked for some publicity like this some time back, but a statement given to the Press at N.A.M.S. Exeter meeting regarding the pole to pole method interfered.

In this number will be found a letter from Billy McComb. Before readers start telling us that there is little new in this force of a die, we would like them to read through and note the really natural method of handling matchbox and die.

In the January number of the " Pentagram " (published on the 28th of that month) we brought up a number of points regarding N.A.M.S. Some three weeks later Abracadabra followed this up with certain criticisms. Now the oldest of British publications, the " Magic Wand " has joined the queue. The main grumble seems to be money, and it is comforting to know that the matter of future financial policy was considered at the Manchester meeting. For all this members of the Magic Circle may well ask when the Annual General Meeting arrives, what N.A.M.S. has done lor magic as a whole for their own Society in particular. The expenses of this particular Society caused through N.A.M.S. are very high, possibly nearly a couple of hundred pounds. In return for this one twenty two line report of the Exeter meeting appeared in the December, 1948, Magic Circular, whilst in the current number a page and a half is devoted to the Manchester meeting. This is all that the members get. Even the book reviews, which could be valuable, are not sent to every member. If they arc required members

Qa ¿Round must write to the Hon. Secretary. We have made the suggestion that a N.A.M.S. notice board should be placed in the Circle clubroom. On this members can be posted regarding the latest information regarding N.A.M.S. The suggestion has been adopted and we look forward to seeing the idea take tangible shape.

We have had some nice reports regarding Robert Tothill's " Shadow," that appeared in last month's issue. We feel sure that when Bruce Elliott reads the effect, he will think that the idea was inspired by Nightmare Alley Gresham's effect " Nightmare Allez." Such is not the case. Actually Bob Tothill sent the effect across to Ted. Annemann for the " Jinx " in the early days of the war; enemy submarine activity was busy in the Atlantic at the time, and the original of " The Shadow " became food for fishes.

We had a very nice trip to Cardiff at the end of April, and appreciated the audience that on a Saturday evening turned up to hear a talk on that favourite butt of illiterate conjurers—mentalism. We were particularly grateful to both Jimmy Douglas and Tudor Brock who acted as hosts to us.

Next month, we hope that the " Pentagram " will be a Douglas Dexter issue. At the moment we are waiting for one very important effect to complete it. This will be an unpublished effect of Douglas Dexter's, contributed by his son, Kenneth Dexter. Besides this there will be a contribution by S. H. Sharpe and a lovely card presentation by John Young called the " Ghost of a Curse." This latter is one of the best " stoty " card effects that we have ever seen. Dexter was a great artist, and to-day we know of no magician comparable to him. It seems an amazing thing, considering how much he did and achieved for the Magic Circle, that in its clubroom there is not even a photograph on the wall.

The next meeting of N.A.M.S. is to be held at Birmingham. It is scheduled for a noted day in English History the Fifth of .Vovemher. Perhaps this augnrs something !

Peter Warlock'« "MODES FOR WKNTALI&TS " No. 4 The Gap in the Curtain-

A triple prediction effect introducing two entirely new principles.

From the Mav " .Magic Circuhu ":—" The late |ardine Ellis would have revelled in this and would have extracted guineas from enthusiasts instead of the seven shillings and sixpence that Peter Warlock is asking.''

We can think of no higher praise.

This seven page routine with detailed presentation (for which vim will have at hand all the accessories) comes to vou post free for the price of 7/6 from

PETER WARLOCK, 65, Manor Road, Wallington, Surrey, or any " Paatagram " dealer.


We honestly believe that there are no magic publications which give so much for the money as these excellently printed, finely bound Fleming publications:

Gaultier. MAGIC WITHOUT APPARATUS, 544 pages 37/6

Sachs, SLEIGHT-OF-HAND, 416 pages 25/-

Maskelyne-Devant, OUR MAGIC, 336 pages 25/-

Dhotel, MAGIC WITH SMALL APPARATUS, 320 pages 25/-Kaplan, THE FINE ART OF MAGIC. 352 pages .. 37/6 HUGARD'S MAGIC MONTHLY: BOOK ED. 1 and 2, each. 25/-Collins, A CONJURING MELANGE, 256 pages, huge bargain 10/-Erdnase, THE EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE, 218 pages 10,/-

The books listed above constitute a most excellent " working library," and live up to the Fleming slogan: " Fine book-making at sensible prices!'

SOME VERY RECENT ITEMS! Tarbell's VOLUME V., 418 pages 50/-Hav's CYCLOPEDIA OF MAGIC, 500 pages, reprinted material 37/6 Sardina-Fitzkee's THE MAGIC OF REZVANI, 96 pages . 17/6 Turner's THE CARD WIZARD, 194 pages 12/6 Vernon's SELECT SECRETS, 40 pages, revised ed 7/6

Our new 64-page book catalogue is free upon request (Address postal request to York, Fa., as below). Remittances should be forward.-d to Mr. Robertson Keene at his new address: " c'o Riverside," Victoria Road, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight." Your order will be sent us by airmail, and filled immediately, post paid.



Coloured "Trouble Wit"

Trewey Model Cartridge Paper Stanvon Corners

BeautifulIt/ < 'o!<nfr<j in fa*t It'aiithnir < olnur.-t Stage Size, used l>v Trewev. etc., 12 ins. when closed.

Rainbow coloured, 22/6. Plain White, 15/6. ////portant Hints on opening and closing the /"¿J* included Trouble Wit Booklet'; 80 illustrations ... 2, 9 CARD TRICKS BY STANYON Card Castle. Base 12 x 10J inches; 6 tiers of cards; 22 inches high; beautifully made, double cards, 50/-. Card Castle from Hat. 6 tiers; high grade; 30/-. 'Limit' Diminishing Cards. With pack to match and black Ebonised Stand, 30/-; (without Stand, 25/-) 'Find the Lady'; Giant size. 40/-; Ordinary Cards. 10/-. Giant Card Penetration. Genuine Jumbo Cards, 70/-. Giant Gard 8C Lamp Glass Penetration, ditto. 70/-. Trick Packs. Wizard (40 Tks), 6/-; Svengali 40 Tks), 7/6; Quick Cut and Calculating, 7/6; Colour Change and Free Choice Forcing, 7/6. MAGIC (Stanyon), 1900-1920, with the Dictionary of

Magic. 3 sample copies, post free, 3/3. Stanyon's Famous Serials. Coins; Memory; Miscell.; Juggling; Cards; Orig. Tks.; Paper and String; H/Cuffs; Balls; Explan. Progs.; Chem.; Each 3/-.

It is our policy to keep every book on conjuring and allied arts in stock. Write for free lists. Most I'.S.

books and all English publications in stock. Five Shillings equals one dollar—we pay postage Foreign and Colonial cwtonu r.< /ilea-"p write direct. IIV hare supplied MAGIC to the WORLD .<i,,cc 1890

ELLIS STANYON AND COMPANY 76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N.W.6.

Telephone : HAMpstead 0940


By Tan Hock Chuan

A booklet dealing with the methods and application of the modern principle, by one of the leading experts on the subject. It is recommended for advanced magicians.

Price 5/- Postage 3d.

ARCAS Publications

404/408 SYDENHAM ROAD Croydon :: Surrey



is published on the 24th of each month and can be obtained direct from the publishers for 11 per : ingle copy. Annual Subscription 12 -post free.


The Magic Wand Publishing Co., 11, Monastery Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex.

Manuscripts for publication and books for review should be sent to the: EDITORIAL ADDRESS:

Peter Warlock, 65, Manor Rd., Wallington, Surrey.

The Magic Circle

President : His Grace the Duke of Somerset, D.S.O.. O.B.E.. J.P.. M.I.M.C.

Vice-President; Douglas Craggs, Esq., M.I.M.C.

Clubroom and Library and Museum :

St. Ermin's Hotel,

Caxton Street, S.W.I.

Magical Theatre :

King George's Hail, W.C.

Particulars from Hon. Secretary : Francis White, 39 Alverstona Avenus, Wimbledon Park, S.W.19


A spectator name» a card. He is asked to take a pack of cards from the table, remove them from case and count them, face up. on to the table. He counts only 51 cards. The very card he is thinking of is not in the pack. Without thi' slightest hesitation the performer removes the missing c ard from his pocket.

Succ-fuv: No chance of failure; Magician does not touch cards at any time; No fake cards; No force; Any card can be named: No skill: Yon. ran perform this five minutes after reading the neatly printed instructions. Booklet of instructions—no card», use your own.

The Magic Wand Publishing Co.,

11, Monastery Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex.



toUfflSifril? ciar,i to send for his list ot v^SJllPJ'new and use<l apparatus m and books, or call at his studio :—

1, CLARENCE ROAD Harborne, Birmingham 17


Branches in London. Portsmouth. Wakefield. Brighton and Detroit, U.S.A. The friendliest of magical societies. No entrance fee, printed club mag.izine, splendid library.

London H.Q. Denison House. 296 Vauxhall Bridge. Victoria, S.W.I, (one minute Victoria Station i.

Particulars from Oscar Oswald. 102 Elmstead Avenue Wembley Park Middlesex.






Telephone or Telegram : MORLEY 899 Address :


Nearly 30 years in the business

Published by th proprietor» TIk Magic Wand Publishing Company, 11. Monastery Gardens. Enfield, Middlesex:, and printed bv Herbert Walker and Son (Printers) Ltd..' W.-ll Croft, Shipley. Yorkshire.

Every Advertiser's goods are fully endorsed by this Bulletin ^

Published by th proprietor» TIk Magic Wand Publishing Company, 11. Monastery Gardens. Enfield, Middlesex:, and printed bv Herbert Walker and Son (Printers) Ltd..' W.-ll Croft, Shipley. Yorkshire.

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