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Outside work is making heavier calls upon our time, and therefore, starting with this issue, all work regarding publication of the " Pentagram " will be carried out by my friend George Armstrong,, of the " Magic Wand," of 11, Monastery Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex. The style and policy of the " Pentagram " will remain unchanged, and I shall be glad if contributors and publishers will note that all copy and items for review should still be sent to 65, Manor Road, Wallington. I am more than grateful to George for taking on this chorish task when he already has so very much to do regarding his own publications.

The Magic Circle Social on March 26th (evening following the Banquet) was one of the best we have seen. Every act was enjoyable, and new effects by Jimmy Orrin and Gil Leaney were much appreciated. Brian McCarthy's act was not only outstanding technically, but was a lesson in magic. He received and fully deserved the great ovation that was accorded to him. Such a show must have been a great comfort to that hardworking and seldom appreciated body, the Magic Circle Entertainments Committee.

Magicians with gramophones may like to get a recent Phil Harris record called " Deck of Cards " (H.M.V. No. BD 1231). It is the old story of the Soldier's Prayer Book, and if you aren't a Phil Harris " fan " you will like this. If you are a Phil Harris " fan " you will like the other side too.

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