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Our last issue went to press early; too ear.y to record any expression of an event that shattered the nation—the death of our gracious sovereign King George VI. Our readers will join with us in our expression of sympathy to the Queen, the Queen Mother and the remaining members of the Royal Family. God Save and bless the Queen!

The late King, when he was younger, was a lover of magic. Interested bibliophiles will find that Spitari dedicated one of his " Wizard's Annuals " to H.R.H. Prince Albert (as he then was). The Cecil Lyle Hat Trick was specially originated by Cecil Lyle for a performance at which Prince Albert was the honoured guest.

From our friend Harry Hickson a note regarding his " Express Delivery" in the January Pentagram :

" Refer to the second line in the second column, where it says, ' Take the twelve-foot length of rope,' etc. This is a bit misleading, and I would suggest that it now read like this : ' Take the twelve foot rope and wrap it round the spare piece of cardboard or celluloid. It will then look like sketch below. The last bit is not wrapped, but left out for use in the sleeve of the Magi's jacket.' "

* " The whole is now placed in the open box and held there while the ' lid ' is folded over; the lid then holds the rope in place in the box and while it is in that position the loose piece of card or celluloid is withdrawn. Because it is slightly wider than the box, the extra width of this loose piece provides a grip with which to withdraw it. The elastic bands can now be put around the whole box and they will hold it secure. The loose piece of celluloid may now be slipped under the bands on the outside. This serves only the purpose of retaining it (where you want it) for the next time."

Ron Bail lie's excellent idea for obtaining an impression will no doubt find its place in a number of routines where knowledge has to be secretly obtained. We have two routines from Ron, both excellent, making use of gimmick. The first is a version of " Fourth Dimensional Telepathy," and the second a very lighthearted living and dead test. This latter effect should appeal to mentalist and straight magician.

A recent session at Francis Haxton's with the Host, Gus Southall, Eric de la Mare and Hans Trixer brought to light some delightful Magic. A particularly near follow up of Hahns Trixer to Hahne's " Ring of Thoth" will appear in a future issue.

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