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The most interesting magical event in December will undoubtedly be the televising of the Magic Circle clubroom with ten performers going through their pet effects. This is a unique honour for the Society, and one hopes that it will help in putting magic on the television map. With the opening of the Sutton Coldfield, station on the 17th December the field for visual entertainment is very much enlarged.

Phoenix number 191 carries a very clever subterfuge (the joint product of Paul Curry and Bill Woodfield) for obtaining possession of a mentally chosen card.

Reading so much in certain conjuring magazines regarding the plugging of comedy in presenting magical effects to such an extent that serious presentation should be avoided, reminds us of those who are so insistent that the B.B.C.

Third Programme is of little use. The following words of Compton Mackenzie answering the latter group form a good reply to those in the former group :—

"We recognise that the people must have their comic pap, and no intelligent man or woman wants to deprive them of it, but when unscrupulous hacks of the popular press encourage the people to suppose that they are being injured by the existence of a programme designed for intelligent listeners these agents provocateurs of the Philistines should be gagged, the editors who engage them muzzled, and the newspaper proprietors who pay them branked."

We still hear moans about the success ot the Piddingtons, about their technique, and so on. Why don't these people who do the moaning realise that the Piddingtons have got where they

MOTHER GOOSE PREDICTION—continued, from page 19 that he selects a card. With that great bunch of ten and court cards he cannot select any other than one indicating a ten. This is shown to the book-holder, who turns to that page. The pack is then cut again and fanned. This time a two, four, seven or nine spot has to be taken. This, too, is shown to the book-holder, who finds the word at that number. The prediction is then opened, the word in the book told to the audience, and of course the prediction checks.

The two cards used in the first place are not replaced in the pack, but if, in the case of the first prediction, the number chosen was (say) two, the performer decides that with the second prediction he will force the number four. Now the tenth word on Page 4 is " DelU" so this is written on another piece of paper, and again placed in safe keeping. As the performer approaches the spectator for a selection of a card, he noticed the pencil mark on the topmost four, and makes sure than one of the four groups is selected (if the reader has any qualms about his ability to have one of the four cards selected, he can, of course, use as an alternative a safer force, such as an under-the-handkerchief force). This card is shown to the have by initiative and hard work ? The same opportunities were there for all the other double acts of a mentalistic nature. In any case, we believe that the Piddingtons have increased the desire for the public to siee mentalists, and that many are getting work that they otherwise would not have had.

Wilfrid Johnson has a new booklet due for publication. In fact, 'we had hoped to have a copy for review by the time these sheets went off to Press.

Next month we have a very nice children's routine by Jules Giraud, as well as a nice little item by our Singapore friend Tan Hock Chuan.

We will close by wishing our readers the very best of wishes for a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

book-holder, the pack cut, and one of the tens or court cards fotced. This will give the desired word. At this stage the performer says he will essay the effect once more. He turns to another spectator, hands him the book, and shows him what he requires to be done. "Just place-.the pack of cards in your pocket like this "—-the performer (with thanks to A1 Baker) suits the action to the words and places the pack in his left-hand pocket—" and take any card you like from the pack. Don't let anyone else see it, but look at it yourself, turn to the page represented by its number of spots in the book, and then count to the word represented by that number of spots—quite clear ? " The performer now removes the other pack from his pocket and gives it to the spectator, who is directed to one corner of the room. The performer now writes on the scratch pad the word " Cheese," which is the tenth word on the tenth page. The spectator does as he is told and announces the word ; the prediction is unfolded, and for the third time the performer is right.

The reproduction of the book cover of '' Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes '' is reproduced by kind perm:ssion of Messrs. Raphael Tuck and Sons, Ltd.

Can you tell fortunes?


Have you ever been asked the above question ? If you have, this entertaining and convincing card trick will provide you with the perfect answer. The routine is described complete with suggested patter and is embellished with hints on Fortune Telling.

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Chapters on, and tricks with, The Overhand Shijffle, The Riffle Shuffle, Flourishes, The Glide, The Glimpse, The Key Card, The Palm, The Backslip, False Shuffles and Cuts, The Double Lift and Turnover, The Pass, Miscellaneous Flourishes, Reverses, Hindu Shuffle, and other Controls, The Classic Force, Top and Bottom Changes, Stacked Packs, Complete Routines, Platform Tricks and a comprehensive index.

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By Tan Hock Chuan

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The Magic Wand Publishing Co., 11, Monastery Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex.

Manuscripts for publication and books for review should be sent to the: EDITORIAL ADDRESS:

Peter Warlock, 24, Wordsworth Rd., Wellington, Surrey.

The Magic Circle

President : His Grace the Duke of Somerset, D.S.O., O.B.E., J.P., M.I.M.C.

Vice-President: Douglas Craggs, Esq., M.I.M.C.

Clubroom and Library and Museum..*

St. Ermin's Hotel, Caxton Street, S.W.I.

Magical Theatre :

King George's Hall, W.C.

Particulars from Hon. Secretary : Francis White, 39 Alverstone Avenue, Wimbledon Park, S.W.19


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" STOOGING AROUND " By Joe Stuthard

In this attractively produced booklet the author describes his complete music hall act and many more ideas that have ENTERTAINMENT as the key-note. This is the act that has kept music hall audiences laughing up and down the country. It is unusual. It is certainly ENTERTAINMENT. Is it ethical? To decide that you must read it for yourself. In the words of Geoffrey Robinson who edited the book and wrote the foreword, " You will learn a lot that is new. ... If you are a magical student, and what magician is not, this book should be in your hands—you will add much to your store of knowledge."

Those who have seen the author perform his act will knbw the value of the material, and. we can say no more than that.

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