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Those who, like myself, will have been charmed by Dr. Jaks's lovely little mystery " Pendle " (Phoenix Annemann issue) will find that the use of one of the little plastic skulls (put out with the effect " Skull-ocation ") instead of a locket adds a nice touch. To get the pendulum swing we have removed the short length of chain and substituted a piece of thin silk ribbon. Incidentally, we hear—and we hope that our informant is wrong—that this effect is due to be pirated on our side of the Atlantic.

Bobby Voltaire, who after his season at the Windmill, is abandoning Variety, is getting well booked for private work. A special " Electrick " show with the aid of his new assistant Gwen, plus the only electric canine " Martha," is a novelty in the way of children's entertainment, and something that they will talk about.

The Annual Magic Circle sale of apparatus and books this year brought along the press. Whilst there was not a lot of scope for reporting, it did manage a news item based on the story of the sale of some of the late Edward G. Brown's props. These items of his in the Magic Circle sale were, however, mainly oddments.

Since our return to London, we had wondered what had happened to some of the accessories that he used, in particular the device that played a part in his aerial mint. It was only this week that we found out where they were, and have had the pleasure of seeing them and handling them again. Chris. Charlton probably had the best buy of the afternoon. It was interesting when books and magazines came up for sale to see the prices they fetched. It was also Interesting to note that whilst glossies were in abundance, there was not one lot that included Jinxes, Phoenixes, Hugards, Bats or Pentagrams. We feel that somewhere there is a moral to be drawn.

Henri de Seevah showed us some very nice feather darts the other day, bloom six inches in width, and stems twelve inches long, price 4 6 each—not our line of country, but we feel sure that many of our readers could make use of these colourful accessories.

Maury Fogel getting twenty minutes on the Light Programme on December 6th is something of a record for magic in this country. It was a first-rate presentation.

On those few occasions when we have little to do we play in a fascinated way with the " Devano " Rising cards. If you are using this effect, try holding the card in a cupped manner, and allow the front card to rise. If looks really spooky.

George Blake sent us this many, many months ago, and though there is no reason for it, it always seems to work. Take a deck of cards and thoroughly shuffle it ; now deal out four hands of cards, but misdeal on one heap so that one heap will have twelve, one fourteen and two thirteen cards. Now reassemble the heaps and deal again without any misdeal. You will find when you turn the heaps over that one set will contain a singleton, i.e., there will in one heap be either one club, heart, spade or diamond.

Our apologies to all concerned for not mentioning that Wilfrid Jonson's effect that appeared in the last issue was translated and reproduced by permission from Le Journal de la Prestidigitation.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Francis White on the addition to the family of Master Martin White.

D.V., there will be a meeting of the Society of Mentalists in London on Saturday, February 12th. This in view of the fact that there is a possibility of an I.B.M. lunch on the following day should fit in well with country members' arrangements, and allow them to make a full weekend followed by the I.B.M. show on the Monday.

WEIRD- WIRE—continued from page 20

If an " off " brand cigarette is collected, spread the cigarettes carelessly on a table with the strange brand on the end of.the row. If more than one " " uncoded " brand is collected, tell your audience that to prove that there is no collusion between yourself and the subject, that all of the cigarettes will be placed on the table with the brand names turned face down. Place the " uncoded " cigarettes at the ends. Past practice has proved that the subject almost always will select a cigarette from the middle of the row.

BOOKS and ROUTINES—continued from page 22 THE DEVIL'S WHISPER 8C ITS DEVELOPMENT, by De Veyu (published by the author, 316, Morningside Street, High Carntyne, Glasgow, price 3/3 post free).

The modern generation of conjurers will know little about the "Devil's Whisper," but we can well remember in our young days buying small phials from Ellis Stanyon and mixing the necessary ingredients that would allow us to snap my fingers and produce a Hash of flame. One had to lie careful with the chemicals, and many a good magician has suffered serious damage through carelessness in either mixing or handling. "The author of this monograph, points out such dangers in his introduction, then proceeding to give the safe way of carrying, mixing and handling the chemicals used. After this the author deals with a number of varying types of flashes that can be produced, including a "Chameleon" flash (where there is a colour change!) and an "Echo" flash. De Vega not only writes know-ledgably but his writing is backed with practical experience that can leave the reader ready to try out the items mentioned. Edward Victor will be only too ready to testify as to the quality of the effects produced for he was supplied by the writer with the necessary flashes when he was playing the pantomime role of "Abanazar" during a long season at Glasgow Pavilion. Very worthwhile and unreservedly recommended.



By George G. Kaplan.

Ed. by Jean Hugard. Illus. by Francis Rigney.

" A book that's entitled to the superlatives it will get :— 'Recommended unequivocally" (Fred Braue); "The book of the year—and I'll wager, many a year thereafter" (John Braun); " A modern Sachs. ... A modern classic " (Milbourne Christo pher); "A work of outstanding merit. ... I am delighted with it, and give it the highest praise" (Stanley Collins); ''Superb magic—magic as it should be done" (John J. Crimmins, Jr.); "This is the Vernon kind of magic—and we mean it ! . . . Pure and delightful magic, exquisitely thought out" (Bruce Elliott); "A major addition to genuinely useful magical literature " (Dariel Fitzkee); "An absorbing book, with many gems in the different fields. . . . Certainly something for everyone, and much lor most" (Goodliffe); "Here is a t-ook that will live" (Jean Hugard); " The most original book of magic I have read in years " Robertson Keene); "Certainly a very fine book, and undoubtedly destined as a Fleming best sell« " (Peter Warlock).

Cloth, 352 large pages, beautifully printed and handsomely bound, postpaid ($7.50) 37 '6.


TARBELL COURSE : VOL 5, cloth, 418 pages ($10) 50 '-.

CYCLOPAEDIA OF MAGIC (Hay), cloth, 500 pages ($7.50) 37/6.

Remit these English prices to Mr. Robertson Keene, 301 Norwood Road, Southall, Middlesex, and shipment will be made immediately ditect from America.

FLEMING BOOK COMPANY, 728 Madison Av„ York, Pa., U.S.A.

Coloured "Trouble Wit"

Trewey Model Cartridge Paper Stanyon Corners

Beautifully Coloured in fast Rainbow Colours Stage Size, used by Trewey, Stanyon, etc., 12" when closed PRICE 22/6 Plain White Paper, if desired ... 15/6 Important Hints on opening and closing the folds included

Trouble Wit Booklet80 illustrations ... 2/9 Limit Diminishing Cards (a Stanyon Exclusive). Backs of cards shown at any time and sample card extracted and displayed after each diminution. Pack to match is now included with instructions. Price 25/-. Display Stand, 5/-.

Find the Lady. A perfected form of this ever popular trick. Set of three trick cards with printed instructions, price 10/-Self-Reversing Cards. Ten cards arranged alternately-back and face up. A flick of the fingers and cards are found to have re-arranged themselves. Repeated as often as desired. A perfect pocket trick, price 3/6



on conjuring and Most U.S.

It is our policy to keep every book allied arts in stock. Write for free lists.

books and all English publications in stock. Five Shillings equals one dollar—we pay postage

Foreign and Colonial customer.>-• please write direct. I["< hare supplied MAGIC to the WOULD *inee 1890

ELLIS STANYON AND COMPANY 76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N.W.6.

Telephone : HAMpstead 0940

ARCAS Magical Publications

Mr. Smith's Guide to Sleight of Hand W.

A.B.C. of Ventriloquism D. Expert Manipulation of Play ing Cards L

Testament of R. W. Hull . T. Nothing is Im possible . .T. Masterpieces of Magic, Vol. 1 Patterns for Psychics Kamut Conjunioring Willane's Wizardry

Obtainable from all Dealers or direct from :—

404/408 SYDENHAM ROAD Croydon :: Surrey

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Particulars from Oscar Oswald, 102 Elmstead Avenue Wemblov Park Middlesex.



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Latest Think a Magician A pocket Mind

Reading Effect only 2/6

" Orrin's " famous Spider's Web, Card

COIN WANDS to produce a real coin 16/6 A few Sliding Glue Packs of Cards 8/9

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