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The other day we sat back and thought of the wealth of ideas and effects that every day were being offered to magicians by way of the magical magazines. Another thing that occurred to us, was the fact, so it seemed to us, that whereas some forty, thirty and even twenty years ago, one looked for the main and big magical advances in published books on magic, the initiative would now seem to have gone to the magazines.

Do you remember the old type of note-case (used very much when this country first produced currency notes during the first World War) the type based on the old Jacob's Ladder principle, with one ribbon one side and two the other. Old, you may say, but how old? Among the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci recently exhibited at Burlington House, there is a picture of a boy holding such a novelty pocket book and tucked in one side is a small feather!

To-day there is no doubt that membership of the Magic Circle offers greater value than any other Society in the world. With one of the finest libraries constantly kept up to date, a seperate reference library of untold worth to the magical students, a clubroom giving facilities previously unknown, plus entertainments and lectures for the asking. Regarding the latter we have never understood why it is, that if the subject matter of a lecture veers a little way away from the discussion or exhibition of tricks proper, the attendance is immediately thinned. This was brought home to us recently when we were present at a most excellent talk and demonstration of theatrical make-up. A mere band of enthusiasts is not sufficient recompense to a member who has gone to a great deal of trouble and pain to instruct in something which every magician who aspires to platform performance (and how many don't?) with a show that is all that it should be. The matter of make-up is an all important one. Twice within the last year we have heard a professional performer remark that they didn't use make-up as they had a ruddy skin. Ye Gods! That a man could go through life constantly on the stage with the mere thought in his mind that the sole purpose of make-up was to give just added colour.

Magic seems to have been getting a fair share of TV these days. We still think that it (TV) is a poor medium for magic. In the recent performance of " The Gamblers," the hands of our friend Francis Watts came over well, but surely the producer didn't think that a display of conjuring would give a card player the idea that they were watching the shake-down sleights of a gambler.

Bideford Get-together proved a most enjoyable affair and it was nice to meet old friends like Stan Simpson, Tom Harris and Edwin, the latter proving himself to be an excellent host. At his home during a three to five a.m. session he ran through a delightful children's effect, which we would like to have published, but unfortunately our own publisher beat us to it. It is based on the Pussy in the Well" theme and takes its place in a " Devon Magic Circle " edition in the " Wizard." Though he didn't know it, for he had not had the pleasure of seeing him, Edwin's manner in presenting children's magic is much akin to our friend Wilfred Tyler. Incidentally Wilfred's new book on Children's magic should, via the Armstrong Press, just about make the Hastings Convention.

The B.B.C. News Headline prediction that we did at Bideford, pulled in a great deal of publicity for the sponsoring Society. In that part of a County where men are men and the chief topic of reported news concerns agriculture, it is apparently not easy to get a great deal of space for such a trumpery thing as magic. Nevertheless out of forty inches of column space spread over three weeks, we managed to get thirty one inches of it, including two photographs. So much for those conjurers who have little time for mentalism. As a point of interest we may be publishing this particular routine, which has some interesting points, which are as follows :

1. The prediction is written in chalk on a double crown sheet of black paper.

2. It is something that can be seen by everyone.

3. The dignitary identifies his signature on the sheet as it is unfolded.

4. The prediction is seen, for the first time, we believe, in the history of predictions, before the thing predicted comes into being.

If you are interested drop us a line, and according to that interest shown shall we decide to place it in restricted published form.

We hope that nobody passed up Hans Trixer's " Epitaph to Thoth." Mr. Holland, we know demonstrated this at Gamages. It left those who saw wanting to buy the effect, which he promptly sold in the form of April Pentagram.

We are now making plans for the new volume of the Pentagram, a volume in which we hope to bring into actual being ideas of expression that have been dormant since way back in 1946 when the bulletin was conceived.

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