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The location of a freely chosen card under extreme test conditions has given many card workers much food for thought. In his remarkable treatise Thirty Card Mysteries Jordan, in tracking the dovetail shuffle to its lair, produced some amazing examples, and Kaplan in recent years making use of daub provides another worthwhile example. It remained however for that famous card expert Billy O'Connor to provide a solution to the following problem :—

A spectator is handed a pack of cards with the request that he goes out of the room, shuffles the pack, takes any one card, looks at it and memorises it, replaces it where he likes in the pack, shuffles again and comes back to the room. The cards are then taken by the performer who with due presentation unfailingly locates the chosen card.

There is no exaggeration, and furthermore greater acquaintance with the effect may allow the performer to locate the card even though the pack were behind his back. There are no one way patterns, strippers or long or short cards and the pack contains fifty two different cards.

That is a miracle and we owe Billy a very great depth of gratitude for allowing us to publish this world beater in our June number. We shall call it " Discovery X."

From our friend John J. Crimmins, junior, comes the news that Holden's are putting out the Jardine Ellis ring effect with a number of routines. John was rather surprised when, in a letter, we mentioned that the original Ellis set-up had never been published. Ellis used not merely a ring and a shell but also a. split ring. At the beginning of the routine the shell was over the split ring. In view of the fact that such a thing seems to be known to only a few of the cognoscenti we think that in the near future we'll publish the real Jardine Ellis "Ring on Stick" routine.

Although not so very unexpected it was a shock to hear that our friend Ralph W. Read had passed away. Whilst here on his last visit he had been severely handicapped by the state of his health, but. few of us, when we wished him bon voyage thought that was the last time we should see him alive.

Calvert's handling of his cigarette production and the old Dancing Handkerchief (the latter we imagine inspired by Blackstone) were real lessons in magic when we recently watched him at Kingston. It all goes to show that to be a good magician you should be an actor first. His " Eyeless Vision " will prove a baffler for magicians who go to see the show. We admired above all things his very human touch in asking the small boy up to aid in the levitat.ion. In connection with the effect called " Haley's Comet" it was very nice to hear admiring mention of Howard Thurston.

Just in from Dr. Jaks, a very nice mental number, which you'll see soon. We also hope that Bobby Bernard hasn't forgotten the nice slant on the coin change he promised. A fortnight away we have a most hectic sixteen hours at Bide-ford. A News Bulletin prediction, a show, and a lecture. We arrive too late for dinner and shall leave the next day just before lunch. Frances Ireland has well said " You don't have to be Crazy!"

News from Australia tells us that our old friend Les. Levante is coming across this Autumn. Jay Palmer wrote us too to say that he will be playing a ten week U.S.O. tour. We know that a warm welcome will await both of these magicians.

Plans seem to be taking on a good shape for the forthcoming British Ring Convention at Hastings in September. One great change (and one most needed) in the normal run of the programme will be the holding of the Annual General Meeting on the Friday instead of the usual Sunday. Sunday was a very bad day for such an important item. Many were trying to make up for lost hours of sleep whilst a number of others were making preparations for the homeward trek.

From a Northern correspondent we received a very nice souvenir menu card of the British Ring Dinner recently held in Edinburgh. It is a most arty piece of work. According to this same friend, Leslie May and Lou Histed were the acts that brought a spark of freshness into what was otherwise a rather jejune magical programme.

To complete the files of a very good friend of ours, we urgently require the following numbers of the "Pentagram" which are now out of print

Vol. 1 No. 3 (we could do with more than one copy of this).

If any reader has these copies for disposal we shall be grateful if he will drop us a line.

The ' Smoking Sailor ' gag has become so popular that our friends, Davenports are now putting out the cigarettes ready for use at a very moderate price.

Leslie May reports having some good results with Hans Trixer's ' Epitaph to Thoth.' If you haven't tried this out, get a ring and a silk and do so. Incidentally Hans is off to South Africa this month and we know that all readers of the " Pentagram " will join with us in wishing him bon voyage to his new home.


by Maurice Sardina

(Translated by Victor Farelli)


BECAUSE Dbook, we believe that every magician should read this great we have produced a special cheap edition. It is still beautifully produced, on heavy art paper, but because the type and blocks were already set it was cheaper to have some more run off, and cost has been saved on the binding, which instead of being heavy cloth covers is now soft boards. The saving is thus passed on to all those who, as yet, have not read this great answer to Houdini's " Unmasking of Robert-Houdin."

If, as a change from the search for " the latest tricks" you would like to acquire some background knowledge of our great art, or if you are already interested in the history of magic, then you cannot do better than study this monumental work.

Here you will find unfolded, step by step, the truth about Robert-Houdin's great inventions, his " Orange Tree Trick," the "Writing and Drawing Figures," "The Pastrycook of the Palais Royal," "The Obedient Cards" "The Cabalistic Clock," "The Trapeze Automaton," "The Inexhaustible Bottle." "Second Sight Act," " The Suspension Trick," and " The Disappearing Handkerchief."

The book is profusely illustrated with photographic reproductions of rare old prints, photographs, wood-cuts and play-bills etc., and in its 120 pages there are many hours fascinating reading.

(U.S.A. SI.OO) From the Publishers

Price 7/6 Postage 6d. THE MAGIC WAND PUBLISHING CO., 11 Monastery Gardeus, Enfield, Middlesex

(The cloth-bound first edition is still available at 20/6 />■£>•)



Although limited in output, has now travelled to Ireland, Finland, Belgium, France, Africa, Australia and United States and Sweden.

" Have been using your 'Miracle Slate' for over a month now and I must say it's wonderful the impossible made possible. It's the answer lo a mental problem 1 have worked upon for years." . . .

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PETER WARLOCK 24, Wordsworth Road. Wallington, Surrey



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