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The inclusion of a George Braund effect in this month's issue brings to mind that he is one of the hardest worked and hardest working conjurers today. George is, in the finest sense, the only " Society " magician in this country. Regularly playing night clubs like the Bagatelle and Lans-downe he has adopted a style and technique that puts him above the normal entertainer class. His is a case of personality plus straight magic, an interesting point to note for those who think that buffoonery is the password to magical (?) success.

Next week we give a talk on a " five foot shelf of magic hooks." Readers of the Jinr will remember how Ted Armemann raised this matter in an early copy of his paper. Since then the output of books on specialised subjects has made it far easier for the student to compose a working library which is of comparitively small material proportions. One book that we have only just received, Scarne on Cards is a must for such a collection. We feel this way because nearly every conjurer makes use of playing cards and yet in the majority of cases he is completely ignorant of the rules and expressions relating to card games. After the many routines that have been published on Poker deals, we are more than grateful to read a complete exposition not only of the conventions of the game, but also the technical expressions used by players.

Our hope as we write this is that a big drop in the temperature is going to occur by Sunday, 17th July. This date marks the Round Table Luncheon Convention to which we have been invited as a lecturer. The idea of a Summer School of Magic is an excellent one, the only fly in the ointment being that this year we are experiencing summer weather.

A recent letter from Len. Mason, of Australia, gives the news that some films he took at last year's I.B.M. Convention have been despatched to Jeff Atkins for showing at Southport. Len

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