First of all, let us congratulate N.A.M.S. on the appointment of Francis White as Chairman during the coming year.

The other day whilst visiting us, Billy McComb showed us a very nice cigarette switch that he uses for the card in cigarette and with his permission we'll pass it on. The only thing that you'll need apart from the loaded cigarette is a faked matchbox of the type used for "imaginary" cigarette effect. This matchbox is loaded with the cigarette containing the duplicate card. With the matchbox in your pocket or on the table you are set. A cigarette is first borrowed and placed between the lips. The matchbox is then taken, drawer opened, match removed and struck. When alight, box and lighted match are taken to the mouth and under cover of hands faked cigarette is left between lips whilst the borrowed one is stolen by the left hand as box is taken away from face and placed in pocket. It is a most natural series of actions and the beauty lies in the fact that the audience see you straight away place the borrowed cigarette between your lips.

On the 13th March, all the tickets had been sold for the Magic Circle Banquet. We can well sympathise with those who have left things too late," but the publicity for this outstanding event was good and many months' notice was given.

Those who, unljke ourselves, have said that the laughs are the necessary thing for the modern magician, must have had a shock if they were present at the Magic Circle on Monday, March 7th, when one of the leading Variety agents, Mr. Cyril Berlin remarked that the conjurers with a piece of rope and a few gags had reached saturation point in the variety field and that this particular type of act had little or no appeal to a modern audience. He answered many questions put from his audience and the plain fact emerged

Stound that magic presented as mystery (having, of course, audience appeal) was more likely to get to the top of the bill than the conjurer cum comedian.

One's conceit is always tickled by a presentation of one's own effects at the Magic Circle in February and we were very pleased with the way Will Dexter, putting over one of the nicest acts of the evening, handled out "Taped Slates." We feel sure that he will not mind us passing on the tip that instead of using adhesive tape as in the original, he made use of three large metal slides. Fraser Smyth recently sent us some cuttings from Ireland, pointing out the amount of publicity he had received using our bottle (Nottingham) prediction (see' " Linking Ring " Annemann Parade, October, 1948). The paper concerned was the " Irish Times."

In our next issue we have a nice off trail idea by Robert (Secrets for Sale) Tothill, entitled "The Shadow." In the same number will be the "Mentalist's Dream," by Charles Wicks of Australia, and " Chopitup," by J. F. Orrin.

"A STITCH IN TIME **—continued from page 45

cealment. The effect is now finished, for all that the conjurer has to do is to place the handkerchief on the table, spread it out and expose the card sewn together and the threaded needle.

Previously Jordan's " Spectral Seamstress " was mentioned. As those who have this effect have three shell reels, each shell bearing a different colour thread, it is possible to have three cards sewn together with different coloured thread, one being placed in each reel. A choice of colour could then be allowed.

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