Magic a taund

The last few weeks have been more than interesting magically. A short visit to Jimmy Find-lay's has allowed us the opportunity of seeing some more Evanion memorabilia as well as many other choice collectors' items. Here is the real collector.

On the 24th July the Magic Circle entertained Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fleming at Headquarters. Later we had the privilege and pleasure of a visit from these distinguished visitors and were able to spend a whole evening hearing about magic and magicians in America.

Last week in the dressing room at the Concert Artistes' Association, Herbert Milton showed us a new version of the ring and cord that would have delighted the heart of the late Jardine Ellis. It was a perfect effect performed so slowly as to kill any chance of chicanery. Herbert was telling me of a telekinetic effect which again is a Milton miracle.

We were interested to read that the London Society of Magicians recently had a debate, the subject of which was " Are Magicians Complacent ? " Rather than say they were complacent we would say that those purporting to be magicians are plumb lazy, a fact easily borne out by watching the many performances seen at the average magical society.

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