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Here is a delightful handling of the " Ellis'' Ring that Jack showed us the other evening, in effect it is rather reminiscent of " Ring of Thoth." The method entirely using the Ellis ring and shell makes for an insoluble mystery.

As the main mystery concerns the passing of the ring onto a length of rope we will concern ourselves purely with the procedure and the particularly subtle move that is brought into play.

The requisites are as follows :

2. A length of soft cotton rope about four feet in length.

between his thumb and fingers. Actually however as he makes the slight turn to left, the left hand thumb pushes the ring between the second and third fingers so that as the hand is brought up and back of it is kept to the audience the position of the ring will be thus.

Plan wew c/ Le.it Hand

The shell and ring are taken from the pocket, the ring being passed for examination and the shell retained. On being taken back, the shell is slipped over the ring, or maybe if you work that way, the ring is slipped under the shell. At this point the ring with shell above it should be placed on the upturned palm of the left hand, so that it lies across the roots of the third and fourth fingers. The length of rope is now taken and one end threaded through the ring. There is a right and wrong way to do this, and the wrong way will affect a later move. The right way is to take the end of the rope, pass it under the ring and shell at the side nearest to your body, and then bring the rope up and over the shell and ring furthest from the body. Performer remarks that the audience have seen one way of threading the ring upon the rope. He would like to show them another. The ring is apparently taken off the rope with the right hand. Actually, the right hand thumb and second finger take the shell at the side nearest the body, and with a tilting movement it is in a fairly slow manner taken off the rope. At the same time the left hand is rotated towards the body so that the genuine ring still threaded onto the rope, cannot be glimpsed. A contraction of the third and fourth finger keep it easily in position.

The right hand holding the shell throws the latter into the air catching it on its return. There's nothing difficult in this and it adds to the illusion that the ring is genuine in every respecf. At the same time the left hand drops to the side.

A slight turn is made left, the right hand holding the shell ring at the fingertips. The left hand now comes up to shoulder height and apparently the performer is simply holding'a length of rope

The shell ring is now taken and slipped in between the thumb and the rope, so.

The left hand closes into fist and as the left hand is turned the audience imagine that the left thumb pushes the ring that they have just seen placed in the hand, into a position actually held by the solid ring, and thus when the hand has made a complete rotation that is the ring they see. The left hand is now brought in front of the body and the right slowly pulls the ring and the ribbon away from the hand, leaving the shell fingerpalmed in the left hand. Ring and ribbon can immediately be passed for examination.

Since seeing Jack perform this and trying it over ourselves, we have thought that a little touch that can be added is that when the left hand is holding the ring at the back and from the audience's point of view the rope is draped over the hand, that a slight pull at one end of the rope in apparently adjusting its length gives added effect.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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