HARBIN'S UNCANNY MATCHES, Price 4/-, post free from Robert Harbin, 95, Marsh Lane, Mill Hill, Loudon, N.W.7.

Uncanny is the right word for this elfect in which the performer takes a number of borrowed matches and balances them on the edge of a table or match box. The performer right away and yet without any contact the matches tip and fall off. We feel sure that those readers who like to present something illustrative of mind over matter will not pass this over. Quite honestly the effect is a gift at the price. It can, of course, be used as a detector of a chosen card, say six cards being used and one chosen. The cards are placed along the edge of the table and six matches are borrowed, one being balanced on each card; the match that now tips up designates the chosen card. There is nothing to go wrong, and everything can be examined. When writing just mention the " Pentagram." Like " Dippy Magnet," this effect will earn you a bigger reputation than you deserve.


Stewart James, price five shillings. This is obtainable from Francis Haxton.

In the last twelve months, Stewart has added a great deal to the science of the magical poker deal. Each time we think that he has reached the ultimate, and each successive time we are forced to amend our decision. The present routine enables the performer to obtain the hand that he predicts, despite the fact that the spectator can designate the start of the deal for each round. Fair enough, you may say, but listen . . . the effect is repeated ! The method is straightforward and very simple, and is stongly recommended.

ELtlS STANYON'S " STRIPPER " PACK, price 6/-, from Ellis Stanyon & Co., 76, Solent Road, West 11 a m pstead, N. W. 6

The stripper deck, despite the excellent work on it bv Hugard and Braue in the " Miracle " card series, seems to have lost caste with present-day conjurers. It is certainly not because they disdain faked cards but rather the case of the sheeplike attitude that is so prevalent. The effects that can be obtained with a

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