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then break it off from the spool. The spool is replaced upon the stand and the magician allows the audience to see that he holds nothing but the length of cotton. Now the length of cotton is placed over the left arm, and the right hand picks up the spool of green cotton and in the action ot bringing it up from the stand the thumb slips inside the nylon loop. The spool is passed to the left hand (and, of course, at this stage of the effect your right side should be to the audience) and the ball of silk is left hanging from the thumb of the right hand. The right hand now pulls out a similar length of cotton from the green reel that it did from the red, and this is broken off. In this unrolling of thread with the second reel, it is important that the left hand be held higher than the right, so that the right hand comes down with the cotton. This allows no possibility of a ' flash' from the ball of silk hidden by the right hand. The spool is now replaced on the stand. Now with one length of cotton hanging from the thumb and nnger of the right hand take the other length of cotton by its end away from the left sleeve. (At this point comes a move which is typically Fred Kaps). In apparently taking the lengths of cotton higher with a fairly quick movement, the performer turns so that his left side is towards the audience. As he does this synchronising with the upward jerk of the right hand, the bundled silk is thrown to the back of the right hand so that when the performer finishes his position he can show the right hand palm to the audience, the bundle of siik hanging at the back. (This is a move that requires careful timing and to those who may feel, that they cannot make it with ease, the following is suggested. At the point where the length of cotton is taken from the left sleeve, both pieces are placed in the left hand, which is held palm to the audience all the time. Actually, however, much in the manner of a looped billiard ball acquitment, as the right hand comes to and covers the left hand, the bundle goes over the left hand, the left thumb coming into the loop, as the lengths of cotton are taken from the right. The right hand then moves away quite empty. From this point the trick continues much the same. P.W.)

The left hand now comes up to the right under the lengths of cotton and then with a rubbing movement of both hands the lengths of cotton are rolled up. At a point where a small ball of cotton is held a slight movement of the left hand brings the rolled ball of silk between the two palms. The silk under cover of both hands is slowly developed, and thus another silk and another miracle is bofn.

In conclusion, we should like to thank our friends Henk Vermeyden (Editor of the famous Dutch magazine, " Triks ") and Fred Kaps for permission to translate and publish this very nice piece of silk magic.

Even the magicians don't seem to be able to tell a good act from a bad one, or at least that is the impression given by their trade papers. The pages of a magical society's house organ carries reviews of the shows put on by the various magical societies at their meetings throughout the country. According to these descriptions every act is a fine act. There is never a word of criticism expressed and these papers have the most hypocritical reviewers in print. It's not that the reviewers don't know better : they just don't dare express anything that smacks of criticism. Anyone who dares to write an honest piece about the average magic show wouldn't have a friend left the day after publication. Every act is " a fine act."—JINX, page 806.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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