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Conjurer has protruding from left sleeve a fancy silk handkerchief practically transparent, and left hand contains a pack of cards.

Members of audience are asked to name their favourite cards. At each choice the handkerchief is drawn over the pack and the chooser asked to note bottom card through the silk and to hold one corner of the latter. As he does so the card is seen to change to the card he announced as his favourite. He is asked to withdraw the handkerchief by the corner held and see that the change has really taken place.


A pre-arranged pack resting on palm of left hand as for Charlier pass. When card is named, handkerchief is drawn from left sleeve which covers a stealthy riffling of index corner of cards with left thumb and the marking of the gap at the selected card. The Charlier pass does title rest. With practice any card may be very quickly located by noticing the bottom card which gives a clue to the neighbourhood of the card called for.

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