In the halcyon days of 1937, I hit upon a couple of moves with a rope and ring. The effect was that after a fair sized loop had been made in a four foot length of rope, an eight inch metal ring was passed into the loop. (This version, using scissors instead of a ring has since been published in " Hugard's Monthly " and " Tricks.") In this first method, the ring was thrown at the loop ; in this the second method the rope is apparently rubbed through the ring. I published the first method in the " Magic Wand." The explanation given by me was not too easily understood, and in consequence when my friend the late Will Goldston, asked permission to include it with ample illustration in " Tricks of the Masters," I readily assented. I also gave him the version about to be described. Something went wrong with the illustrations (a second set of drawings were made as the originals and blocks were destroyed during the blitz). Because I think that this quick penetration may be of use as a prelude to say, a Glass Penetration effect, or as part of a linking ring routine, I am giving further description with adequate and correct illustrations.

The only requirements are a four foot length of rope (this shouldn't be too soft) and an eight-inch metal ring.

Taking the rope, the conjurer first ties a single knot; this done, the rope is held by the left hand as in first illustration. Assuming that there are spectators seated right and left of the conjurer, the right hand spectator is handed the ring for examination (if the first move has been used this is, of course omitted as the ring has already been examined). The ring is taken back and held between the rope and fingers (second illustration), the second and third fingers supporting it. Turning left to a spectator, the conjurer remarks, " And now I would like to show you this is slow motion." As he makes this remark, the first and second fingers of the right hand takes hold of the lowest part of the loop, bringing it to the position shown in third illustration. These fingers start to rub the rope against the ring at that point and at the same time the second, and third fingers (which are supporting the ring) grip that part of end B, immediately under the ring. The left hand releases the rope it is holding and grasps the ring (fourth illustration) whilst the right hand second and third fingers pull end B through the ring. End A being well gripped by the thumb and hand, so that the two ends apparently move together. These two movements form part of one big movement. This big movement is that of the right hand (which holds the ring) moving as far as it will go to the right, whilst the left hand with both ends (one now threaded through the ring) goes as far as it can go to the left. This action has the effect of making a new loop (not look !) with the point marked X becoming the lowest point. In the last illustration I have omitted the left hand in order that there shall be no confusion. It is a convincing but not a difficult move, and as I said before, it can make an effective prelude to a greater penetration effect, or alternatively a pleasant break in a linking ring routine.

Siitty Mceomä'A

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