Joker Transformations Extraordinary


IN PENTAGRAM, page 35 of Feb. 1955 issue, is a fine trick by Harry S. Burnside and Charles W. Cameron. I liked the plot but when I practiced it by myself I found that it wasn't very convincing for me to bring the kings on the top of the pack and strip them out with the cards that the spectator had pointed out, and that were half way out of pack. So here's what happened.

The top nine cards are, four kings face down, Indifferent card face down and then four aces face up followed by the rest of the pack face down.

Force one of the kings—put it on the table face down near one edge. Fan the pack face up so the spectator can touch any card. Let us say the card touched is the ten of hearts. Take it out and lay it on the table in front of you.

Hold the pack up so they cannot see what you are doing now, then remove still another ten spot and place it face down on top of the one already on the table. Find still another ten. Lay this face down on top of the two already there.

Now fan through the pack and find the joker. Place this on top of the three tens—all cards face down.

Now hold the pack face down in the left hand, pick up the four face down cards (the three tens and the joker) and place them on top of the pack, face up.

Before you do this however, you get a little finger break with the left little finger under the top three cards of the pack. These are the three kings.

With the four cards now face up on top of pack you are going to show them one at a time to the audience. This you do as illustrated and described in Tarbell Course, Vol. 5, on page 117, and is the trick called " Ed Mario's Simplex Aces." Show them then, a ten, another ten, then another ten, and then the joker. Then remove the joker and place it on table face up.

Place the three tens into the pack, reversed them according to the original text. Tell them that the three reversed cards match the selected card. (Face down near edge of table). The card is now turned over and it is a king !

Put the joker on top of the pack, face up. Ribbon spread the cards face down, revealing the three face up kings. Take them out and give them to the spectator.

Tell them that the joker helps out a lot but you will put him away for the time being. Get a little finger break under the top four cards. (The three tens and the joker). Take the joker plus the top three tens and hold them as one card, the joker facing out towards spectators, and place it into the right trouser pocket.

Have the four kings mixed by the spectator. Then continue as in the original text, getting the required cards on top of the four kings.

Cut of the bottom half of the pack, ribbon spread it and insert the four kings (they think) into this half, as explained in text, face down. Square up this half and turn the cards face down. Get the joker from your pocket and leave the other three cards (the tens) behind.

Place the joker on top of this half face up, ribbon spread this half on the table, and show the kings are now all aces.

In the meantime, cut the other half in your hands ; this brings the kings to the centre, face up. Turn this packet face down, put the joker on top face up. Ribbon spread the packet thus showing kings in centre and also face up.

Tell them this all happened due to the influence of the jokers. When they ask about the tens —bring them out of the trouser pocket and show.

Our patter goes to the effect that the joker is a wonderful card and helps us to get out of many difficult situations.


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