John P Hamilton

STILL yet another version of the E. G. Brown effect first described in Ibidem. First of all after the pack has been shuffled, the magician asks that a small number of cards be cut off from the pack so that an unknown number of cards will be used.

Two spectators, A and B respectively, are asked each to cut off a small packet of cards whilst the performer's back is turned. They are to count the number of cards they have taken and then slip them into their equally respective pockets.

Turning round and facing them, the magician mentions that each has a number in his mind, a number represented by the cards they cut off from the pack ; numbers quite unknown to him.

Addressing A, the performer says, "I am going to show you the cards one at a time and I wish you to note the card appearing at the number designated by the cards you hold."

With the pack held for dealing, the cards are are removed one at a time, each being shown to the spectator and placed on the table. When say twenty have been counted in this way, the performer remarks, " I feel certain that you have seen the card at that number." The spectator assents. Now the known number of cards lying on the table are picked up, placed under the talon held in the left hand, and a break kept between the two packets with the little finger.

Turning to the second spectator, the cards are now removed but not placed on the table. Instead as each is taken from the top of the talon it is placed under the one previously shown, so that the order is maintained. I count the cards until I reach the break, thus obtaining knowledge of the total number of cards in the talon. If the number of cards above the break is few, I continue until about fifteen cards has been shown, checking with the spectator that his card has been seen. The cards held by the right hand are now replaced on the talon held by the left hand, and we'll assume that the total in the talon comes to thirty.

A is now asked to take the cards from his pocket and replace them on top of the pack. B is requested to do the same, but between his packet of cards and the remainder of the pack, a break is held with the little finger. The right hand comes across, takes the break, and allows the bottom card of B's packet to fall on to the talon, so that assuming that there were nine cards above the break before, there are now eight.

Now double cut the pack so that B's packet of eight cards goes to the bottom of the pack. The cards are now placed on the table.

At this point I realise that I have made a mistake in so much that the spectators' cards should have gone back into the pack and not on top. I seek to remedy the situation. A is asked to deal from the top of the pack the number of cards he originally had. B is asked to do likewise.

" Now sir," I say to A, " I want you to cut a few cards from the top of the pack, replace the counted cards and then replace the portion cut off! B is told to do likewise.

The cards mentally selected are now ready to be revealed as you wish. B's card now lies topmost in the pack, whilst A's is seperated from it by the number of cards in the talon, so that with thirty cards in the talon, A's card becomes the thirty second from the top.

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