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Editor's Foreword.—In his previous contributions, Mr. Douglas has shown that he has the pleasant ' knack ' of making pleasing routines . . ." Melted Currency," " Restored" and " Untying Sympathy," as we know from readers' letters, have gone into many programmes. In the effect to be described the slate trick is presented with a different angle.

Effect.—The conjurer shows a slate. One side is blank and this is initialled. The other side is then shown and seen to have chalked on its surface the dial of a clock. Besides the hours there are the usual two hands, but instead of being drawn like the hours with chalk, they are proved by the conjurer to be two pieces of card, which with a coating of adhesive are made to adhere to the slate. These hands are removed and placed on the table. Taking a piece of chalk, a spectator's initials are written on the blank side of the slate. The latter is now stood upright with an opera hat acting as support. Taking a handkerchief from his pocket, the conjurer folds it into a bag and picking up the " hands " drops them inside. The " bag " is then handed to a willing spectator with the request that he holds it for a few moments. Twelve cards, numbered from one to twelve are now shown, they are shuffled and the spectator holding the " bag " requested to touch any one, then remove it and show it to the audience. We will suppose that it is the " nine." Aloud the conjurer cries " nine o'clock ! " The handkerchief is disengaged from the spectator's hand and shown on both sides . . . the hands have gone. The slate is turned around and there the hands are seen to have returned to the slate registering nine o'clock !

Requirements.—The requirements are a flap slate with the inner side of flap covered with material (or newspaper) to match top of table. An opera hat, numeral cards one to twelve and twelve force cards (say, number nine), a double hank, and two sets of cardboard " hands," one side of each has a small piece of adhesive plaster glued to it, so that adhesive side is out. The hands which are stuck to the slate and are shown to the audience should be constructed from fairly stout cardboard. (If the reader is in a position to obtain some white sheet plastic this would be better still.) The hands that are to indicate the " chosen time" should be of thinner cardboard. The reason for this is that minimum thickness is to be desired. It will be realised that the first-mentioned " hands " can be easily stuck on the slate to indicate a desired time. One points occurs to me here, and that is that should the double handkerchief that you propose to use be white, it might be advisable to use coloured hands and chalk for contrast.

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