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I Hit upon this idea when fooling around in an attempt to eliminate a rather obvious slit-envelope from a mental effect. I don't suppose for one minute that it is new, and probably it is mentioned somewhere in the "Tales of Hoffmann" (or in one of the Jinxes which I haven't got), but just in case it is new—here it is.

The performer writes his predictions on a blank card of visiting-card size. One side of the card is, therefore, seen to be covered with his writing and the other side is then given to a spectator to initial.

The performer can, in fact, write on this card—

A will choose "-

B will choose "-"

C will choose (say) the three of clubs, and if handled carelessly it will appear as if the card is fully made out. The spectator should not be given time to study this writing in detail, but merely shown it quickly before the card is turned over for him to initial.

The spectator then places this prediction card (initialled side towards him) in an envelope (he can provide the envelope himself, or, if you like, the prediction-card itself can be propped up in full view all the time).

The performer then proceeds to note down, on another blank card (handed to him by the spectator from a pile of cards on the table) the numbers, or towns, or what-have-you, called out by the audience.

I use three " prophesies " in this effect :—a town, a four-figure number, both freely called out, and the third prophesy is of a playing card " forced " by a " rough and smooth " pack.

After noting down the genuinely called-out town and number on the " Check " card, the performer completes this card by adding the third (and forced) prophesy. He does this before getting the card " chosen "—a simple enough thing to do under guise of a " recap " of the first two choices.

So far there has been no funny-business. From the spectator's point of view, a " prophesy " card has been made out in full view—initialled, and put on one side in the care of a member of the audience. A " check " card has also been made out for two of the prophesies—and the audience know that this card is above board, because their representative himself picked it off the table and handed it to the performer. The only thing the audience don't know, at this stage, is that the third prophesy has also been entered on the check-card.

The performer now picks up the R and S pack, and, in so doing, obtains possession of a second check-card, which he fits over the now completed first one, so that they appear as one card. (Peter

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