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It is always a blow to us when we hear of active-minded conjurers being compelled to undertake a forced rest through illness. Robert O'Connor and Les. Vincent have been on the sick list for some while, and another addition is the London Correspondent of the Sphinx (Wilfrid Jonson). On behalf of our readers we take this opportunity of wishing them—and any others similarly indisposed—a rapid recovery.

At the Windmill Theatre on February 2nd; Harold Taylor started a season at the famous (we never •closed) Windmill Theatre. It is the 210th edition of Revudeville. If you haven't seen Harold Taylor, take this opportunity of seeing him, for he is one who has natural charm.

It is (as most readers of the Budget know) now official that the I.B.M. Convention is to take place at Bournemouth on September 30th to October 3rd. The headquarters hotel will be the " Burlington " at Boscombe.

A thing that annoys us most is having to pay for an effect which we have already described. Last year we " fell " for a book test, only to find that it was a version of " Lend me your Book " (" Patterns for Psychics "). We know that there was no case of plagiarism on the part of the vendor. It was simply that he hadn't read our previously published version. We did, however, take exception to " Saturday Evening Ghost," copyrighted by Thayers in 1943. This is simply a straight steal of " The Whispering Joker" (" Designs for Magic" published 1941). Knowing that Thayar's handled and sold this book and that the Editor recommended it, we should like Mr. Larsen not necessarily to " face this fact," but just to take a side glance and give us his opinion on this blatant case of plagiarism.

From our good friend Conny Steffensen, of Copenhagen, we have received a copy of Thorkild Anderson's " Thirteen Effects with Paper." Our chief regret is that we cannot read Danish, but with the aid of the illustrations we can see that it contains some novel ideas of which " Kluk-Kluk" is an outstanding example of camouflage for the Ghost Tube. The book is well illustrated by the author.

On another page will be found a displayed notice regarding the formation of a mentalists' Society. We have already had the offer of a clubroom (in Birmingham) and Library. It is up to those interested in mentalism to inaugurate a pioneer effort in magical societies. Quite frankly we are surprised- that specialist societies haven't started before.

The next issue of the " Pentagram " will be devoted to " ring " magic. Jack Eddlestone describes his lovely string and ring release, and there is a new angle on the " flying ring " by Jules Giraud. Regarding the former effect, we can remember Jack Hughes at Hereford in 1946 saying, " Peter, come and see a miracle "... well, we went along and saw Jack put over this particular effect which we know you will all like. The April issue will contain a nice idea of Louis Histed's and also the last word in Anti-Gravity Glasses. The latter is by Sir Toon, a Scandinavian.

We do try, as far as possible, to keep away from any form of apparatus used purely as apparatus, and for those who like such effects, and are perhaps newcomers, we should like to recommend to them three other bulletins with a similar outlook. They are " Hugard's Monthly," the " Phoenix" and the " B.A.T." Regarding the first, the first four volumes can be obtained in book form. The " Phoenix " (published fortnightly) now edited by Bruce Elliott, is a natural follow on to the " Jinx." An Annemann issue is scheduled; with the team of ex-" Jinx" writers that are normal contributors, this should be a number to treasure. The " B.A.T." is edited by Lloyd Jones, of California, The last issue we received dealing with " iloating silk " routines was worth more than a year's subscription.


On Friday, January 15th, we heard that Charles had skidded on his motor cycle and had been, taken to hospital in an unconscious condition. The next day, without regaining consciousness, he passed from this life. One of the finest craftsmen we have had the pleasure to know (he was a teacher of wood and metalwork) he was also a fine conjurer, preferring to use the apparatus of nature rather than the products of a bench. His criticism was worth while and we have to thank him for more than one suggestion that has helped to give emphasis to our own presentation. We never heard him say an unkind word about any other conjurer and he was always willing to pass on his knowledge to those needing it. We feel proud to have known him, and to his parents and Betsy (his Wife) we should like to add to our own sincere expression of sympathy to that of all the readers of this bulletin.


A modern monthly magazine. 24 pages of first-class magic. News and views on magical events. Per copy 1/1 post paid. Annual Subscription Vol. I., 12/6


A quarterly book of magic. 70 pages of magic by world-famous contributors, book lists, advertisements, etc. Profusely illustrated. Per copy 3/8 post paid. Annual Subscription 14/6.






Any or all of ths following important works on conjuring may be had by sending the amounts indicated to our English representative, Mr. Robertson Keene, 301 Norwood Road, Southall, Middlesex. He will forward your order to us via airmail, to be sent direct to you by return mail.

" The Royal Road to Card Magic "—A new book by Jean Hugard and Fred Braue, which every card, conjurer will prize. Just published. Highly recommended by Paul Fleming. Cloth, 310 pages. 121 illus., 22s.

" Magic with Small Apparatus " (Vol. 1)—This first volume of the great Dhotel series is the very best work on tricks (not sleights) with matches, rings, watches, candles, balls, corks, and cups and balls. You can't afford to miss any volume in the series. (Vol. II, a 600-page volume on card tricks, is now being translated by Paul Fleming.) Cloth, 320 pages, 183 illus., 28s.

Hugard's Magic Monthly : Book Edition No. 2—

A brand new edition of Vols. II. and IV, in the same format as the much praised Book Edition No. 1 (Vols. I. and II.) The greatest magic book value in many a year. Cloth, 208 pages, 8^" by 11", 28s.

A Conjuring Melange—A collection of fifty-two original feats of Stanley Collins's, which has impressed everyone who has sPPn it Prnctir.nhlp pfFprtivp tp«tf»rl maoir !

magic seen it. Practicable, effective, tested Cloth, 256 pages, 147 illus., 22s.


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