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Editor's Foreword.—All those present at the Hereford Convention last year will remember this effect of Francis Haxton's, which, as a contemporary described " paralysed several magicians." It is a delightful lesson in magical effect and the clean cut outline plus the simple mechanics, bring it within the reach of all magicians who are willing to accord it the proper presentation. The main and comparatively simple sleight that has to be used is one, that considering its general utility, has been very much neglected. I can zuell remember the late Douglas Dexter making use of it icith telling effect.—P.W.

I like this effect because the magician can impose test conditions on himself during the performance as there is nothing to hold out or add.

Although the effect is mine, the basic move is developed from a sleight described in one of Ellis* Stanyon's early Serials.

Before I describe the effect I think it would be better to give details of the move as I have developed it. We will imagine that the operator is desirous of causing a card situated on top of the deck to appear at any number called out by a member of the audience. A spectator calls out, say, " eight." I thumb-count the two top cards of the deck, which lays face .down in my left hand, with my left thumb and push off as one card. This card is taken between my right thumb and finger and held at about chin level, squarely facing the audience. The deck is held in left hand face down at waist level and to the left of the exposed card. Now as I count " two " my left thumb openly pushes off the card from the top of the deck and approaches the right hand, placing the card in front of the first card. In receiving this second card the right thumb and first finger move further down the cards, and the right middle finger joins the first to get more control of the cards. This count continues up to seven and as this card is placed in front of cards in the right hand, the right thumb pushes off the top card which is drawn on to the back of the deck with the left thumb. This move must synchronise with the placing of the counter card on the face of the packet in the right hand so that the left hand is drawn back to its position with the deck face down at waist level. The eighth card is now pushed off and shown to be the selected card. This count is absolutely indetectable and the magician should make it clear, by performance, that the card is actually counted off



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