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There have been many routines published using the well-known card silks, but the following (because of its lack of extraneous properties) will be found very effective if presented in the manner suggested. Briefly the effect is that the conjurer displays a blank silk which he asserts possesses " photographic absorption " properties and which he tucks into a " dark room," namely, his otherwise empty trouser's pocket (right hand). Producing a pack of cards, he shuffles them and requests a spectator to select one which is shown to the audience. Placing it on top of the pack the conjurer invites another member to initial the back of it, once more showing the card, which we will imagine is the Nine of Spades, front and rear side. Reminding the spectators of the silk in his pocket, the conjurer makes a short speech on the latest development in photographic science, namely of the properties of silk, which, under certain conditions, absorbs and even enlarges pictures from other objects. The chosen card with the initialled back he states will serve as an example, and he removes it and rubs its face to the cloth, against his right hand trousers pocket. Slowly turning the initialled card around it is now seen to be denuded of pips. Slowly withdrawing the silk from his pocket, it is now seen to bear a picture of the Nine of Spades !

Requirements are simple :—One picture silk and one " blank " ; pack of cards with blank to

CUfaexpiion match ; soft pencil (in inside pocket, right side). Tuck the picture silk, say the Nine of Spades, into the top of trouser's pocket in the usual manner. Place the blank card on top of the pack with the Nine of Spades on top of all.

To Perform.—Display the blank silk each side and turn out the right hand trouser's pocket to show pocket "empty," then tucking in the blank silk, making the exchange of silks in the orthodox manner, so that the picture silk is at bottom of pocket and blank at top. Make the pass and force the Nine of Spades, then cutting the blank to top of pack. Palm the blank in the right hand while spectator shows the Nine of Spades ; allow him to place on deck in left hand. Take the pack in the right hand, adding the blank to top and over the Nine of Spades, while left hand goes to inside pocket for pencil. Show the Nine of Spades again by making the double lift, and place on pack while spectator initials. Point to pocket with right hand, while left hand holds deck. This is an excuse for releasing right hand temporarily from deck. Then carefully removing the initialled card (really blank) and, not showing its face, rub the latter for a few seconds against the outside of pocket and turn it around slowly and show it blank. Slowly remove the silk, turning out pocket at same time, to show empty . . . and display picture.

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