Cttifie in Stand

Most readers of this bulletin are familiar with Stanley Norton's effect wherein a wineglass is suspended from a silk ribbon. A beautiful effect and a favourite of the late Douglas Dexter. Dexter, when presenting magic at a Society show, would often introduce a series of anti-gravity effects and after performing the Stanley Norton suspension would follow up with this, which was his version of a Perc)/ Naldrett effect.


On the conjurer's table rest a table knife and a wineglass. Taking the latter with his left hand, the right hand picks up the knife, the blade of which is rested against the side of the glass. The left hand leaves go of the glass and the latter is seen to be clinging to the knife. The position of the hand holding the knife does not have to be static for the conjurer moves it about in every direction. The left hand is now outstretched, palm uppermost, and the right extends over to it depositing the glass on the palm. The knife is taken away and all can be examined.


A length of very fine but strong silk (the type now being put out by Ken. Brooke is ideal providing the glass used is not too heavy), a lead weight, with a staple countersunk, the heaviness of which will have to be found by experiment, the ruling factor being the weight of the wineglass. One wineglass as light in weight as possible. A table knife. One other thing which makes for better performance but at the same time is not strictly necessary is a tube of soft material for the weight to move in. This tube, closed at the lower end, is fixed inside the performer's trousers and runs down the left leg.


The lead weight is first fastened to one end of the thread (we will assume for the moment that the conjurer has a length of, say, four feet which is far more than his requirements) and the weight is then dropped into the tube, the free end of the

thread then being taken through the fabric of the performer's trousers by means of a needle. This free end is now tied to the top fly button. If this has been carried out properly there should, with the normal person, be about four inches of thread outside the performer's trousers at the top (see illustration 1). This is in such a position that it is an easy matter for the first finger to be inserted. With the wineglass and knife on the table the conjurer is ready for the


Immediately after finishing his previous effect the conjurer inserts his first finger inside the thread; he pulls it away from his body (the weight, of course, keeping at tension) and when it is a matter of a couple of inches, the thumb goes inside as well (see illustration). The left hand continues to travel forward and comes over the mouth of the wineglass. The glass is lifted in this manner whilst the right hand takes the knife and rests the blade under the thread and against that side of the glass that is nearest to the conjurer. The knife is so held that it is pushed against the glass. In an opposite direction, the weight is pulling. The left hand now leaves the glass and this is the only part of the effect that calls for care. The thread must be allowed to gently slide away from the finger and thumb and settle round the glass. Once this is done the glass can be moved forward or backward (according to whether the performer eases the pushing movement of the knife) and also laterally. To finish the effect the left hand is held outstretched. The right hand now deposits the glass on the palm, the fingers of the left hand closing round the base of the glass and holding it tightly. The knife now travels upwards taking the thread with it. So that the knife does not have to do all the work in freeing the thread, the left hand moves down at the same time. Once the thread is free, the weight carries it back to its original hiding place.

The tube, of course, prevents any likelihood of the weight falling to the ground should the thread break. As a measure of protection should the performer decide not to use the tube a length of strong fishing line slightly less in length than the thread, is attached to a safety pin which is fastened to the top of the left hand side of the conjurer's trousers, the free end then being attached to the weight. Should the thread just after the point of release decide to break, the fishing line will prevent the weight falling on to the ground.

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