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It was with great regret that we heard of the death of Colin Tooke. A serious minded magician with a preference for mental magic, he will be missed by the many who knew him. We are grateful for the fates which led him to Buxton last year, and where, in company with John Brearley, we had the opportunity for mutual discussion, little guessing that he was going to Burma for the last time.

In our issue for April that great veteran H. C. Mole gave the details of a simple coding system for playing cards. We regret that in this description a mistake occurred. On page 51 the card denoted should have been the Queen and not the Jack of Diamonds. To Mr. Mole and to those who may have been misled by this error we offer our sincere apologies. We understand that Percy Bee is working this particular method with success in his professional act.

From America we hear that our good friend Paul Fleming will be visiting this country in July and August. We feel that he will be accorded a great welcome by magicians on this side of the Atlantic. Incidentally we should like to call our readers' attention to the remarkably good exchange dollar rate which Messrs. Flemings are advertising. When one considers that the New York rate for sterling is less than three dollars, it can be realised what a good bargain the English buyer is getting.

After a recent Magic Circle show we had the pleasure of meeting A1 Koran for the first lime. Later we managed to get together. A1 is a natural conjurer using the most unconventional technique. He showed me his effect " Everywhere and Somewhere," which, briefly, is the transfer of three selected cards to the performer's pocket. The difference lies in the fact that the cards produced from the pocket are the actual cards selected, and that there is no palming of fancy sleights by the performer. At the remarkably low price of

FREE RING — continued from page 66 the left thumb on the edge it is touching of ring A and the ring will swivel towards you and downwards. The ribbon tape which was at the lower edge of the circumference is now at the top. The right hand synchronising with the above movement places palmed ring B in the position between left thumb and forefinger with its waxed edge down and without pause grasps the double edge of the tape at the top of the now invisible ring A and draws ring B with the tape {i.e., at double centre) to the right and in a horizontal direction. To the spectators it should appear as if you grasped the ring and drew it and the tape away from left hand. The action, of course, draws the tape free from ring A which is left in the left hand. The right hand holds the ring and tape as firmly as possible and gives one or two tugs as the rest of the tape is drawn through the left hand. This appears as if you are trying to demonstrate the secure manner in which the tape is " fixed " to the ring. The right hand continues smoothly seven and sixpence it is " must" buy, for the " little something" could be utilised for things other than playing cards. If you are interested the address to write to is 66 Ponsonby House, Bishops' Way, London, E.2.

There is still a cry for silks for those who use or wish to use them. To those who are in difficulty we suggest that you write to the Star Magic Co., Box 7, Brinkworth, S. Australia. Mr. Everitt, who runs this store, has quite a number of thirteen inch and twenty-four inch coloured silks at the price of 1/3 and 5/- respectively.

It is very difficult to sometimes find a principle that has not been used before. We were, therefore, pleased when some little time back we ran into a new idea for card prediction coincidence. This will appear as No. 3 of " Modes for Mentalists " under the title of " Mind out of Time." Whilst on the subject of mentalism we are reminded of the numerous occasions on which we hear the Pentagram described as catering only for Mentalists. Those who are regular readers know too well that this is not so. To those in doubt we just ask them to run through all the published numbers to date and note the low percentage of mental effects. After that it hardly seems apposite to mention that in the next issue we are running an effect (which can be used either as a straight card effect or a coincidence effect) by Jules Giraud. Mr. S. H. Sharpe has also come along with a visible colour changing sand idea. This piece of visual magic he had put aside, but was reminded of it when reading our own " Put down an Empty Glass " in the May issue.

The Annemann issue of the " Phoenix " (a very authentic number) is now to hand. It is excellent, and those who may have been using the Rev. G. E. Arrowsmith's effect " The Mystery of any Card " (page 3, Vol. 2) will find an idea by J. G. Thompson (Junior) that will nicely tie in.

through until all the tape is free of the left hand which immediately goes to left pocket, drops the palmed ring and removes the silk. The silk is handed to spectator who is asked to twirl it in rope fashion. Meantime your right fingers have been busy pushing a small portion of the double centre of tape through ring and on to the wax thereon. The silk is now tied on as described in the effect, and the spectators take an end each, the performer previously allowing the silk to drape the " dirty work " and holding top of ring. The wax will hold the tape in place until the finale provided due care is taken that the spectators assisting do not pull the ends prematurely. As the assistants take their respective ends the performer should lower the ring and tape silk as the tape assumes the horizontal position. A sharp tug will release ring and silk, and as you untie silk from ring scrape off wax with the thumb nail so that all may be examined.


Effective immediately and continuing indefinitely, we are establishing a uniform world price on all books published by the Fleming Book company. British equivalents of American money are, at present : i/- equals 20 cents ; 5/- equals One Dollar. Hence, we will deliver to British magicians any of our eight publications, post paid, at the exact British equivalents of the American prices,, as noted below :—

Collins's A Conjuring Melange (4 dollars) DhoteVs Magic with Small Apparatus (5 dollars) Erdnase's The Expert at the Card Table (2 dollars)

Gaultier's Magic Without Apparatus (7.50 dollars) Hugard's Book Ed. No. 1 (Vols, t and 2) (5 dollars) Hugard's Book Ed. No. 2 (Vols. 3 and 4) (5 dollars) Maskelyne-Devant's Our Magic (5 dollars) Sachs's Sleight-Of-Hand (5 dollars)

20s. Od. 25s. Od. 10s. Od. 37s. 6d. 25S. Od. 25s. Od. 25s. Od. 25s. Od.

Also effective immediately and continuing through June, July and August, 1948, we will deliver any American magic book on the basis outlined above. A few of the hundreds of books available under this arrangement are :—•

Elliott's Magic as a Hobby (3.50 dollars) 17s. 6d.

Fitskee's The Card Expert Entertains (3.50 dollars) Hilliard's Greater Magic (10 dollars) Hugard-Braue's Royal Road to Card Magic (4 dollars Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic (10 dollars) Tarbell's Course in Magic, Vol. 1, 25s. Od.; Vol. 2 Tarbell's Course in Magic, Vol. 3, 32s. 6d.; Vol. 4

17s. 6d. 50S. Od. 20s. Od. 50s. Od. 32s. 6d. 37s. 6d.

Please remit the exact British equivalent of the price of any currently obtainable American work on magic, to our representative, Mr. Robertson Keene, 301 Norwood Road, Southall, Middlesex. Your orderwill come to us via airmail, and will be shipped to you at once, post paid.




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