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right hand trouser pocket. He offers to explain how it is done and so as to make it easy for everyone to follow, he states he will show the stages through which the silk travels before it reaches his pocket.

He again tucks it into his left fist and again it vanishes to be produced from under the armpit, the performer saying " Here it is." He repeats his previous actions and says he will send the silk a stage further and produces it, this time from under the armpit beneath the jacket. He vanishes it again and this time shows it has arrived behind the collar of his coat at his neck. He repeats the vanish and this time showing both hands empty produces the silk slowly from his trousers pocket, and the audience are none the wiser.

The requirements for this effect are three small silks all of a similar colour and about 6 to 9 inches square. One is secreted in the top of the right hand trousers pocket in the usual manner. The second is tucked beneath the collar of the coat at the back of the neck. The third silk h placed in the right trousers pocket at the bottom with one, of two short tubes made of cardboard, celluloid or metal, just large enough to take one of the silks comfortably, and with an opening large enough to accommodate the finger-tip of the second finger. The tubes are the usual ones for vanishing a silk but as fingers differ in size it is as well to make one to fit your own digit. They may be flesh coloured if you wish but if the sleight is carried out properly the tube is invisible. The second tube is placed in the top left hand waistcoat pocket in an upright position.

The working of the routine is as follows. Place the right hand in trousers pocket and slip the tip of second finger into open end of tube and bend the second finger into palm while forefinger and thumb remove the silk from pocket and display it hanging downwards. Show the left hand, slowly turning it over, fingers wide apart, and then as the right hand approaches it to place the silk in between the left forefinger and thumb, the second finger of the right hand (with tube) bends towards the left palm and deposits the tube there. The left fingers curl around the tube, and the silk between forefinger and thumb hangs just over the knuckles of the left fingers exactly as it did in the right hand. The right hand carelessly flourishes, and slowly turns out the right trousers pocket, then returns it but still leaves the silk at top of pocket.

The silk in the left hand is now tucked into the tube until a small portion of one of its corners is still slightly visible. The forefinger and thumb alternately assist in the insertion, the second finger finally stealing the tube and silk by quickly bending into the palm while the forefinger gives a few extra pokes. Knead the fingers and show vanish from left hand and say " Here it is." With these words p'ace the right hand in trousers pocket straightening fingers as hand reaches bottom of pocket and at the same time place the left hand over the pocket (i.e. outside) and press on the tube while the right fingers and thumb remove the silk which is passed to the left hand. The right hand then enters the pocket again, gets the tube on second finger, bends it to the palm and removes the pocket again to show it empty and leaves it sticking out.

Take the silk again from left hand in the same position as in the beginning of routine, show the left hand again as before, pass the silk to left and load tube into left hand at the same time. Return trousers pocket, bringing down concealed silk, casually showing right hand as before. Tuck in the silk, into tube again, vanish by stealing on second finger and as you open left hand to show empty, quickly place right hand under left arm pit outside the coat and grip it there by pressing left arm on it. Without pause withdraw the silk between second finger and thumb, leaving the tube behind, and then place the silk in the" left hind saying " Here it is again."

As you place in left hand, put right hand under left armpit insert second finger and steal tube by bending finger as before. Plenty of cover by back of right hand and the left arm, makes this indectable at three feet. Immediately raise left arm and point to armpit where tube previously was, with the forefinger of right hand saying, " Observe the INVISIBLE HOLE." Again take silk in right hand between forefinger and thumb, show left as before, place silk in left», and load tube. Repeat the vanish again as before but this time raise the coat on left side with the now empty left hand and produce the silk from the arm-pit next to shir*). Repeat steal of tube as before again drawing attention to " invisible hole." .Repeat moves already explained to vanish silk and then as left hand is shown empty, call out " Here it is," turning back to audience. Left hand commences to withdraw' silk from back of neck position WHILE right hand with tube deposits the latter in the left top waistcoat pocket and quickly removes the second empty tube on the second finger as before. The right should remain close to body alter vanish and the turning of body, so that movement of the elbow is not perceptible. The right hand keeps close to body after removal of second tube as performer faces front again. Plenty of misdirection is provided by all eyes being drawn to the slow withdrawal of silk from collar position. Left hand shakes silk places in right hand again, and exactly the same moves are carried out to vanish silk and then as left hand is shown empty this is emphasized by the fore-finger of right hand touching left palm. A right turn is now made and as the hands cross each other the second finger of right hand bends into left palm and deposits tube there. Immediately the left hand fore-finger in-dica'es right palm EMPTY. Performer now quickly turns leftT left hand with tube close to side. Right hand slowly withdraws the silk previously in right pocket WHILE left hand unseen to the audience drops its loaded tube into left jacket pocket. The explanation of this effect has been long and tedious but once the idea has been grasped regarding first and second vanishes and productions the rest is automatic.

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